FRIDAY NIGHT- Friday Night

Friday Night is the saga of Dave (Serengeti) and Umar (Hi-Fidel), two working stiffs who’ve seen each other around the office from time to time. One Friday night they wind up in the same club, stood up by the same girl. With paychecks in their pockets and the weekend stretching ahead, they decide to make the most of it.

A simple drive down the coast kicks off an evening of drugs, sex, music, and murder, a tidal wave of hedonism Dave and Umar will not escape intact.


  1. City Beat (free)
  2. Again and Again
  3. Str8 2 Voicemail (Featuring Black Spade and TeLuv)
  4. Certified Platinum
  5. Girl
  6. Friday Night Fever
  7. Down on the Corner (Feat Micah James and Nash from 87 Stick Up Kids
  8. She Luh That
  9. P.S.R.
  10. Let's Go!
  11. Re-Arrange the Light
  12. Boy
  13. Crashing Down
  14. The Gold Coast (The Ballad of Rita and Kelly) (Featuring Black Spade and TeLuv)

Pressing Information

2008 Breakfast Records