FRIDAY NIGHT- Saturday Night

Building on the momentum from their critically acclaimed debut, Friday Night returns with an epic sequel that is a culmination of raw musical ambition and overblown Hollywood absurdity. Saturday Night picks up the story of tragic figures Dave and Umar several years after the violent wreck that would change the course of their lives and ultimately make them marked men.

With each other as their only allies, Dave & Umar embark on a strange journey to clear their names. Through alligator-infested swamps, and lonely country roads, to the mean streets of Memphis - they race to stay one step ahead of the vengeful forces and jilted wives hot on their trail.

Featured guests include Son Doobie, Playa Hamm, Micah Saint James, TeLuv, 87 Stick Up Kids, Black Spade and more.

Pressing Information

2010 Breakfast Records