Two excellent CDs from Gordon Ashworth at one low price!

Concern- Misfortune

Misfortune: Three Manifestations for the Fifteen-String Box Harp is the final document by Gordon Ashworth's electro-acoustic drone project, Concern. This new special edition CD is an entirely reconstructed, remixed, & remastered version of the original vinyl-only release, intended as a companion piece & further exploration of themes.

"Gordon Ashworth has created something beautiful and bleak and has sent his most memorable project into the darkness as a spectacular beacon of burning light. Highest recommendation." - Experimedia


Gordon Ashworth- S.T.L.A.

S.T.L.A. marries the drone & musique concrete elements of Concern with traditional folk instrumentation, blending heart-rending banjo & piano melodies, raga-style acoustic guitar, & abstract field recordings into epic, psychedelic tape collages. S.T.L.A. is the strongest & most accessible release in Gordon Ashworth's vast & varied discography.

"Although utilising lonesome night-time field recordings made in Europe in 2010, S.T.L.A. feels like the Oregon noise polymath's American vernacular album, tinder-dry fragments of piano, banjo, guitar and voices restyled into smoking pyres of layered distortion; the sound of a forsaken new Appalachia, in the wake of some great levelling. ✭✭✭✭" - MOJO Magazine