Gia Margaret- "barely there" single & video premiere 22 May 2020

This morning, The Fader premiered "Barely There," the final advance single from Gia Margaret's forthcoming ambient album, Mia Gargaret (out June 12 on Orindal Records in North America & Dalliance Recordings everywhere else).

The premiere is accompanied by an interview with Gia where she discusses the illness that led to the creation of Mia Gargaret, her recovery, & the music she has in store for the future. It's a lovely read, well worth your time. You'll find it HERE.

“Like much of Mia Gargaret, 'Barely There' feels like a warm embrace... A tangible feeling of relief and optimism radiates from the record as if the path of new possibilities are stretching out in front of its creator in real time.”

"Barely There" is now available from streaming services everywhere. Pre-order Mia Gargaret on vinyl or digital formats now & receive instant downloads of all three advance singles: "Apathy," "Body," & "Barely There."

Here's the music video for "Barely There," directed by Matt Gehl and Brandon Hoeg.