Announcing Dreamin' by Friendship Posted 11 Sep 2019

Dreamin' is Philly alt-country band Friendship's long-awaited follow-up up their 2017 Orindal Records debut, Shock Out of Season. Dreamin' will be released on vinyl, CD & digital formats on November 8. You can pre-order your copy here.

Dreamin' was recorded to tape in July last year with the help of The Low Anthem’s Jeff Prystowsky. The band moved away from the inclusion of digitally programmed drums and Rhodes piano for Dreamin’, opting instead for a warmer, more organic aesthetic and a starker performance. Most of the songs on Dreamin’ took shape while Dan Wriggins (vocals and guitar) and Mike Cormier (drums) worked and lived as groundskeepers at a private estate in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, frequently driving into Philadelphia for shows and friends. The record is set both in the country and the city – community, peacefulness, and isolation can all be heard and felt throughout the superb new record.

This morning, GoldFlakePaint premiered Dreamin's first single, "Clairvoyant." Here's some of what GoldFlakePaint's Tom Johnson had to say:

"Led by Dan Wriggins charred, plaintive voice, a gentle husk at the band’s core, Friendship comes gently alive by its surrounding players: Mike Cormier’s steady drums, the tender playing of Peter Gill, Evangeline Krajewski, and Jon Samuels who brew these songs alive in ways learned and felt, stirred from somewhere deep within.

"(‘Clairvoyant’) lingers with the band’s deep-rooted sadness gently illuminated by the playful brightness at its outer edges."

You can listen to "Clairvoyant" & read the full article now on GoldFlakePaint.

Announcing Abyss Versions by Boduf Songs Posted 04 Sep 2019

“Unsettling and gorgeous...” - All Music Guide
"Boduf Songs makes some of the duskiest, autumnal and beautiful loner psychedelia." - Stereogum
“Boduf Songs has always been a space for contemplation.” - Pitchfork

Boduf Songs’ seventh album and first on Orindal Records marks the Ohio-via-Southampton home recording project’s most detailed production yet, voyaging into deeper recesses than ever before. Abyss Versions will see the light of day on October 4, 2019.

Mat Sweet, the solitary figure behind Boduf Songs, has spent the better part of fifteen years cultivating an idiosyncratic strain of quiet menace, augmenting library-hushed vocals and brooding guitars with psychedelic flourishes from processed loops, field recordings, and distant, subliminal atmospheres.

Subtly acknowledging Boduf Songs’ beginnings, Abyss Versions echoes motifs from the first Boduf Songs album (2005’s Boduf Songs on Kranky Records), forming its own secret, circular path, encapsulating the journey from there to here. Sweet’s background in doom metal still seeps into the quiet, pensive world of Boduf Songs via mood and tone, balanced by shades of the fingerpicking mysticism of his first four albums. As always, the music of Boduf Songs is steeped in a palpable sense of darkness and dread, offset by a gorgeous and discreet sonic beauty. There is much prettiness here, albeit within an inescapably unsettling frame.

Abyss Versions will be released on vinyl & digital formats on October 4. The vinyl edition is available in three color variations: Abyss black (200 copies), Nothingness clear transparent (200 copies), & Blueberry Ice Cream Sundae purple transparent (100 copies). Pre-order your copy HERE.

"Gimme Vortex," the lead-off track from Abyss Versions, is now streaming on all digital platforms.

Ruth Garbus- Kleinmeister is out now! Posted 30 Aug 2019

Kleinmeister, the new album by Ruth Garbus, is out now.

Here are some recent press praising Kleinmeister:
The Commons interview
Valley Advocate Review
Daily Hampshire gazette interview

Find Kleinmeister on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Purchase Kleinmeister on black vinyl, opaque natural vinyl, compact disc or digital formats HERE.

Is your local record store carrying Kleinmeister? If not, ask them to order it from our distributors, The Business & Mississippi Records.

Ruth Garbus is playing a handful of shows to support Kleinmeister's release. Don't miss her!

Sept 01 Greenfield, MA @ The Root Cellar
Sept 13 Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom (w/ Ty Segall)
Sept 14 Oakland, CA @ Martial Arts House (w/ Lily and Horn Horse)
Sept 19 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra (w/ Chris Cohen & Sam Gendel)
Sept 20 Joshua Tree, CA @ Spirit Speak HQ (w/ Dear Nora, Banny Grove & Amanda Glasser)
Oct 01 Brattleboro, VT @ 120 Birge St (w/ Little Wings & Chris Weisman)
Oct 19 Brooklyn, NY @ The Owl Music Parlor (w/ Kalbells & arrangements by Simon Hanes)

Matt Bachmann- Mount Misery Session Posted 16 Aug 2019

Matt Bachmann & his band performed a new, unreleased song called "Apple Pie" for a recent Mount Misery video session. "Apple Pie" was a live favorite at the Orindal Records Brooklyn showcase at back in June, & we're grateful that the song has been documented so beautifully! Check it out!

Ruth Garbus- Kleinmeister Posted 09 Jul 2019

On August 30, Orindal Records will release Kleinmeister, the new album by Brattleboro, VT experimental pop/folk singer & songwriter Ruth Garbus. Kleinmeister is available for pre-order on vinyl, compact disc & digital formats HERE.

This morning, Various Small Flames premiered "Strash," the lead-off track from Kleinmeister, & its accompanying music video, directed by Joey Agresta.

Various Small Flames' Jon Doyle writes:

"Her fifth solo record, Kleinmeister represents the perfection of Garbus’s esoteric art. Recorded with Travis Laplante and with production and mixing by Ryan Power, Kleinmeister is altogether more vivid than previous releases, and Garbus herself has worked to develop her own sound too—spending two years under the tutelage of opera singer Jim Anderson to fully realise her mezzo soprano vocal range.

Far from dampening Ruth Garbus’s idiosyncratic vision, the studio recording and professional training elevate it to a higher plane, lending a sanctified edge to the singular tone. Poetic and often bizarre, Kleinmeister is an album where light and dark are marbled into intricate swirls, the lasting emotion not anything as simple as happy or sad but rather a kind of extra-personal awe, that of standing before the great overwhelming forces of the world and still having to remember to breathe."

You can read the entire article HERE.

Matt Bachmann- "To Be in Love" music video & tour dates Posted 08 Jul 2019

This morning, Week in Pop premiered Matt Bachmann's music video for "To Be in Love" from his 2018 album, Unconditional Love.

Week in Pop's Sjimon Gompers writes:

Known from work in Mega Bog and Big Eater — the one and only Matt Bachmann delivers the world debut of the "To Be in Love" video courtesy of Slopehouse Production's Adam Gundersheimer, Vanessa Haddad, Elena Balara and Alex Hartley. Much like the oeuvre of Bachmann’s work; “To Be in Love” strikes at those closely guarded places of the heart and spirit where intimate expressions are expressed in earnest and sublime manners. It’s a song that beautifully wraps together the entire range of joy, melancholy, hopefulness, heart-break and that abandon of helplessness that goes hand in hand with being in the throes of the inertia of amour (that is something greater than you, the other person and perhaps something greater than the bond itself).

Read the whole piece HERE.

Catch Matt Bachmann on tour!

July 16 Fredericksburg, VA @ Hodge Podge Lodge (w/ Her Kind)
July 17 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA (w/ Friendship & Lina Tullgren)
July 18 Providence, RI @ Warmer, Warmer
July 19 Portland, ME @ House Show (w/ Lisa/Liza & Greg Jamie)
July 20 Bar Harbor, ME @ Lompoc
July 22 Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien
July 24 Greenfield, MA @ The Root Cellar
July 25 Boston, MA @ Blockbuster Video (w/ Lisa/Liza & Sun Dog)
July 26 Kingston, NY @ Kingston Artist Collective
July 27 Catskill, NY @ HiLo
July 28 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (w/ Julia Shapiro)
Aug 15 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville (w/ Colamo and Anna RG)

Claire Cronin- "Saint's Lake" music video Posted 18 Jun 2019

This morning, Balloon Machine premiered Claire Cronin's supernatural music video for "Saint's Lake." The video, directed by Brian Getnick, features demon puppetry, a floating head serenading its decapitated body, & a skull-faced violist.

"Saint's Lake" is taken from Claire Cronin's new album, Big Dread Moon. Order it on vinyl or digital formats HERE.

Claire Cronin is touring the eastern US/CA with Advance Base! Pick up a limited edition t-shirt or colored vinyl LP at any of the dates below.

June 21 Chicago, IL @ The Hungry Brain (w/ Advance Base & Moon Racer)
June 22 Rock Island, IL @ Rozz Tox (w/ Advance Base & Liv Carrow)
June 23 Grand Rapids, MI @ Green Acres (w/ Advance Base & How to Live Together)
June 24 Ypsilanti, MI @ Ziggy's (w/ Advance Base, Moon Racer & Kevin McKay)
June 25 Toronto, ON @ Burdock (w/ Advance Base & Clara Engel)
June 26 Montreal, QC @ La Vitrola (w/ Advance Base & Cedric Noel)
June 27 Brattleboro, VT @ Stone Church (w/ Advance Base & Ruth Garbus)
June 28 Portland, ME @ The Apohadion Theater (w/ Advance Base & Greg Jamie)
June 29 Providence, RI @ 159 Sutton Street (w/ Advance Base & Marlon J Battad)
June 30 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right (w/ Advance Base, Matt Bachmann & Moon Racer)
July 01 Washington, DC @ Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge (w/ Advance Base)