Robert Stillman- 𝙍𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙗𝙤𝙬 (2023 𝙀𝙙𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣) 160 gram vinyl shipping now Posted 13 Sep 2023

Rainbow, Robert Stillman's beloved 2016 Orindal debut, is finally back in print on 160 gram classic black vinyl! Pressed by our friends at Smashed Plastic right here in Chicago, this new & improved edition was manufactured from brand new lacquers cut by original mastering engineer Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service. Rainbow has never sounded so good!

While supplies last, vinyl orders of Rainbow (2023 Edition) will ship with 11 x 17 posters from the album's original 2016 release. Order your copy HERE.

What Stillman does so well, is to create a fragile dreamworld within his music where darkness meets light and vice-versa. His complex arrangements bely an honesty that is rarely heard these days, poetic in its beauty. Bringing together ideas and building stylistic melodies upon one another, he uses piano, keyboards, drums and tenor saxophone, to highlight just a few instruments, creating thought-provoking pieces of music. Subtle and beautifully crafted, each moment is a work of art unto itself. Mike Gates, UK Vibe

Rainbow does feature moments of swooning melancholy — see the haunting opening ballad, "Ruthie In May” — but its most common mood is one of uplift, heard on the hymnal “As he walked into the field,” and the looping, playful “Warren is a great car.” Even when the album doesn’t directly reference the spiritual jazz movement, as it does on the closing song, “Epilogue,” Stillman sounds as if he’s drawing on a deep reserve of sacred conviction. Jason Woodbury, Aquarium Drunkard

Listen to "In the Spirit of Fair Play" by Duffy x Uhlmann Posted 06 Sep 2023

“In the Spirit of Fair Play,” the second & final advance single from Duffy x Uhlmann's debut album Doubles, is now streaming everywhere.

Post- Trash premiered the single with a hypnotic animated visualizer by Christina Huang. Post-Trash's Jack Solomon writes:

“In the Spirit of Fair Play” is characteristically sparse, but it’s one of the album’s quickest moments, both in tempo and length. The two musicians lock into each other with country-ish chicken-picked arpeggios, establishing a rolling groove. The piece doesn’t have (or need) much in the way of sections, as the guitarists take one idea and let it develop. The music peters out about as naturally as it rises, and even with such a brief run time, it says all it needs to say.

Speaking about the song, the duo shared:

“Conceived initially as a 15 minute long acoustic improvisation in a cold garage in Northern California and manipulated down into a dancey after thought, the closer track from 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨 is into a testament to processing. ‘In the Spirit of Fair Play’ speaks to seeing things from all sides, and challenges our biases about what something can become, the ever unavoidable unknown.”

Doubles vinyl & tapes are currently in stock & ready to ship, so pre-order your copy now to receive it before the September 22 release date!

Or, if you'll be in Los Angeles this Sunday (September 10th), you can also purchase your copy of Doubles direct from Duffy x Uhlmann when they make their live debut at 2220 Arts + Archives! Orindal Records labelmates Dear Nora & Ruth Garbus will round out this amazing bill. Get your tickets HERE.

𝘼𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙋𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚 by Ruth Garbus is out now! Posted 25 Aug 2023

Alive People, the wondrous new album by Ruth Garbus, is out now! Find it on your preferred streaming service HERE.

From Rosy Overdrive's review:
"Brattleboro, Vermont’s Ruth Garbus has released a half-dozen or so albums and EPs since their 2006 debut album, Ruthie’s Requests. Their newest record, Alive People, is their first since 2019’s Kleinmeister, and (reflectent of its title) was record live last year at 10 Forward in Greenfield, Massachusetts. With help from bassist/synth player elie mcafee-hahn, guitarist Julie Bodian, and vocalist Julia Tadlock, Garbus performs a set of slow-moving, synth-and-guitar-led songs containing elements of folk and pop but without cleanly falling into either category. Interspersed between nine “proper” songs, improvisational pieces of music and a brief spoken word piece from Tadlock round out Alive People by particularly capturing the live and public nature of its initial recording."

From Pitchfork's preview:
"The experimental folk songwriter Ruth Garbus announced her new album, Alive People, with two singles, “Mono No Aware” and “Healthy Gamer.” The latter is a meditation on gaming culture, searching for meaning in the “digital thunderdome,” a pursuit with which Garbus sympathizes over penetrating keyboard pulses and a metronomic drum machine. (Garbus herself has “only played Ocarina of Time,” she conceded in a press release, but found it a “wonderful experience.”) The rest of the Kleinmeister follow-up combines wry ballads and self-help pearls over playful guitar and synth."

Order your copy of Alive People on cotton candy pink vinyl LP, classic black vinyl LP, compact disc or digital formats HERE.

Finally, Ruth Garbus is playing three album release shows in California, including a September 10 Orindal Records showcase in Los Angeles with Dear Nora & Duffy x Uhlmann (the new instrumental project by Meg Duffy & Gregory Uhlmann of Hand Habits). Don't miss Ruth!

Sept 02, 2023- Oakland, CA @ Martial Arts (w/ Stephen Steinbrink's Disappearing Coin Band)
Sept 03, 2023- Santa Cruz, CA @ 823 Hanover St (2PM-5PM garden show w/ Garden of Spaces & Leshy)
Sept 10, 2023- Los Angeles, CA @ 2220 Arts & Archives (w/ Dear Nora & Duffy x Uhlmann)

Mr Chill Goes West Posted 23 Aug 2023

This December, Dan Wriggins (of Friendship) will make his West Coast live debut, supporting five shows in California, Oregon & Seattle for MJ Lenderman & Karly Hartzman (of Wednesday). Jake & Karly will be playing special duo sets jam packed with MJ Lenderman & Wednesday hits, beloved favorites from their home-recorded collaborative EPs & brand new songs. Dan will be playing solo versions of your favorite Friendship heartwreckers, all the rippers from his 2021 solo EP Mr Chill, plus sneak previews of new material. These shows are rare opportunities to hear three of the very best young songwriters around in cozy, intimate settings. Don't miss em! Tickets go on sale Friday!

Philly, you'll have a chance to see Dan Wriggins live on October 26 when he opens for the great Charlotte Cornfield at World Cafe Live!

Ticket links for all shows are below.

Oct 26, 2023- Philadelphia, PA at World Cafe Live Upstairs (w/ Charlotte Cornfield)
Dec 08, 2023- Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon (w/ Karly Hartzman & MJ Lenderman)
Dec 09, 2023- Ojai, CA @ Deer Lodge (w/ Karly Hartzman & MJ Lenderman)
Dec 10, 2023- San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop (w/ Karly Hartzman & MJ Lenderman)
Dec 12, 2023- Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios (w/ Karly Hartzman & MJ Lenderman)
Dec 13, 2023- Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern (w/ Karly Hartzman & MJ Lenderman)

Meg Duffy & Gregory Uhlmann (of Hand Habits & Perfume Genius) announce new instrumental project Duffy x Uhlmann, tease debut album 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨 with first single "Braid" Posted 02 Aug 2023

Orindal Records is thrilled to announce Doubles, the first album from Los Angeles-based instrumental duo Duffy x Uhlmann, out September 22, 2023.

After playing together in Perfume Genius and Hand Habits, Meg Duffy and Gregory Uhlmann embark on their first album of instrumental duets, Doubles. A testament to the wordlessness of their musical intimacy, Duffy x Uhlmann take up their guitars in order to make an imprint of the slowness and presence of their improvisational practice. They weave together a sonic meditation, embracing intuition and relying on trust.

"Braid," the first single from Doubles, is now streaming everywhere.

"Arriving ahead of Doubles, which will see a September 22 release via Orindal Records, the track exhibits two guitarists perfectly in tune with each other letting the spirit of improvisation guide them—'blowing kisses and finishing each other’s sentences,' as the press materials put it. It’s far from the heart-wrenching reflective balladry of Hand Habits (or Perfume Genius, with whom Uhlmann’s also recently toured), opting instead for the immediacy of the present moment. ‘Braid is a meditation in motion,' the duo shares in a joint statement. 'Rhythms layering against each other with the goal being disappearance. With a nod and a look we move from chord to chord. And then we end just as we began.'” - Flood Magazine

"The two guitarists play off one another with a tempered rhythm, showcasing the skill of seasoned veterans." - Pitchfork

"Pensive and hypnotic" - Stereogum

Pre-order Doubles on marble vinyl, classic black vinyl, tape & digital formats HERE.

Ruth Garbus announces new album 𝘼𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙋𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚 & shares singles "Mono No Aware" & "Healthy Gamer" Posted 25 Jul 2023

On August 25, Orindal Records will release Alive People, a new album by Brattleboro, VT's one & only Ruth Garbus! Alive People is an elegant collection of misty pops, ballads, and self-help hymns interspersed with synth improvs and guitar gambols. You’ll hear Ruth Garbus’s melodious compositions floating through echoing Brattleboro alleyways, and land at Ten Forward with a small band of friends. Performed live with a studio audience like a ‘90s sitcom, but the ecstatic cheering is only a whisper in the strings.

Advance singles "Mono No Aware" & "Healthy Gamer" are now streaming everywhere & the rest of the album will follow on August 25. Pre-order your copy on cotton candy pink vinyl LP, classic black vinyl LP, compact disc or digital formats HERE.

“Vermont-based avant-folk songwriter Ruth Garbus returns today with news of her first full-length since 2019’s Kleinmeister: the spacious dual singles “Mono No Aware” and “Healthy Gamer” serve as the first taste of Alive People, scheduled to arrive August 25 on Orindal Records. Both tracks see minimal accompaniment behind Garbus’ lyrical meditations on angst and video games, respectively, the former a warm acoustic number featuring lower-octave harmonies from collaborator Julia Tadlock, the latter furnished only by warm, gentle keyboard and a minimal electronic drum beat.” - Flood Magazine

"Ruth Garbus has announced a new album, Alive People, the follow-up to 2019’s Kleinmeister. Garbus is sharing two tracks from it today, “Mono No Aware” and “Healthy Gamer” — both are mellow and wordy, as Garbus’ thoughts unspool around, respectively, a spindly guitar line and a plodding beat. Across six minutes, each are engaging and inquisitive." - Stereogum

Young Moon U.S. tour postponed Posted 28 Jun 2023

Young Moon have made the difficult decision to postpone their U.S. tour due to some very serious personal health issues. Young Moon's Trevor Montgomery shared a statement via Instagram:

I’m heart broken to have to announce that I am postponing my trip to the states and all of the shows. The last few months have been insane for me. I had become very sick and never seemed to be getting better this triggered a lot of testing and flights and machines and it seemed like everyone involved was leaning towards the darkest of conclusions. However after weeks of anxiety and stress it seems I am in the clear for now of the big C. I am still however too unwell to travel and it’s gonna take quire some time for me to get back on track. I wanted more than anything to be in a room with you sharing the songs from Triggered by Sunsets. I’m sorry.

Please help me to spread the word about the new Young Moon record. Please share it with your friends, buy a digital copy, an LP, put it on your playlist or gift a copy to a friend. I Need the Support right now. You will be supporting my wonderful label @orindalrecords as well. To Continue supporting and putting out outsider music and singers. This is so important.

Much love


We wish Trevor a speedy recovery!

Young Moon's new album Triggered by Sunsets is out now.

Advance Base will still perform the July 9, July 19 & July 20 dates originally scheduled with Young Moon. The July 10-18 dates have been cancelled.

July 05, 2023- Denver, CO @ Hi Dive (w/ Josephine Foster)
July 09, 2023- Chicago, IL @ Color Club (w/ Matt Bachmann)
July 19, 2023- Cleveland, OH @ Mahall's (w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight)
July 20, 2023- Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary (w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight & Conor Lynch)
August 03, 2023- Rock Island, IL @ Rozz Tox (w/ Little Mazarn)

Listen to "Take On Thee" by Young Moon Posted 07 Jun 2023

Take On Thee is the second & final advance single from Young Moon's new album, Triggered by Sunsets (out June 30 on Orindal Records). Following the slow burning, hypnotic groove & brooding nostalgia of lead single Deep Ecology, Take On Thee highlights a different side of Young Moon. Take On Thee's driving drum machine rhythm & melodic, chiming guitars buoy the lyric's hopeful message to a young artist, which double as a tribute to some of the artists who inspired the creation of Triggered by Sunsets.

Various Small Flames premiered Take On Thee this morning, describing the single as "brightly transcendent." Read Jon Doyle of VSF's introductory essay & listen to Take On Thee HERE.

Triggered by Sunsets vinyl is in stock & shipping next week! Pre-order your copy HERE or pick up a copy in person on the Advance Base + Young Moon July U.S. tour! Tickets are on sale now HERE.

Advance Base & Young Moon Eastern U.S. Tour Posted 18 May 2023

Don't miss ADVANCE BASE & YOUNG MOON on tour together across the eastern U.S. in July!

July 09, 2023- Chicago, IL @ Color Club
July 10, 2023- Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar (w/ Blithe Field)
July 11, 2023- Pittsburgh, PA @ Government Center
July 12, 2023- Norfolk, VA @ Kobros Coffee (w/ Seamonster)
July 13, 2023- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ Kristin Daelyn)
July 14, 2023- Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville (w/ Matt Bachmann)
July 15, 2023- Boston, MA @ TBA
July 16, 2023- Bath, ME @ The Grant Building (w/ Tiger Saw)
July 17, 2023- Brattleboro, VT @ Epsilon Spires (w/ Bobbie)
July 18, 2023- Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar (w/ Advance Base)
July 19, 2023- Cleveland, OH @ Mahall's (w/ Advance Base)
July 20, 2023- Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary (w/ Advance Base)

Listen to "Deep Ecology" by Young Moon Posted 16 May 2023

On June 30, Orindal Records will release Triggered by Sunsets, the third full-length album by New Zealand-based dream pop/shoegaze DIY recording artist Young Moon.

Trevor Montgomery (formerly of Tarentel & Lazarus) has been writing & recording brooding ballads & blissful psychedelia as Young Moon for over a decade, programming vintage drum machines & atmospheric synths to accompany his mournful baritone. In an album review for music blog Consequence, music journalist describes Montgomery as "a singer/songwriter with a talent for lo-fi tracks, electronic synthesizers, and genuine lyrics that explore love, life, and– fittingly for his well-traveled voice– death."

I've been a fan of Young Moon since 2013, when I caught a live set at a little bar in Oakland, CA & picked up a vinyl copy of Navigated Like the Swan, the debut Young Moon album on Western Vinyl. That album lived on my turntable all through that winter. The music seemed to exist on a different plane, coming to me from both the future & the past. The songs were achingly beautiful, full of grief & hope, & I've carried them in my head ever since. Trevor & I kept in touch & we would occasionally run into each other in San Francisco until Trevor & his family relocated to Nelson, New Zealand in 2019. I was thrilled when Trevor emailed me some excellent new Young Moon recordings & I jumped at the chance to collaborate on a release.

Triggered by Sunsets is Montgomery's first Young Moon full length recording since relocating to New Zealand, & it's the Young Moon first release for Orindal Records. First single "Deep Ecology" is out now. Find "Deep Ecology" on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Triggered by Sunsets will be released on 160 gram "sea glass" color vinyl, classic black vinyl & digital formats on June 30. The album's cover was created by collage artist Rachel Anne Duffy. Pre-order your copy & read the album's bio by Matt Hellriegel & introductory poem by Jason Morris HERE.

Young Moon will return to the U.S. in July for a solo show at the Ivy Room in Oakland, CA, followed by a two week tour of the eastern U.S. with Advance Base. Catch Young Moon live & pick up your copy of Triggered by Sunsets from the merch table!

July 06, 2023- Oakland, CA @ Ivy Room
July 09, 2023- Chicago, IL @ Color Club (w/ Advance Base)
July 10, 2023- Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar (w/ Blithe Field & Advance Base)
July 11, 2023- Pittsburgh, PA @ Government Center (w/ Advance Base)
July 12, 2023- Norfolk, VA @ Kobros Coffee (w/ Seamonster & Advance Base)
July 13, 2023- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ Kristin Daelyn & Advance Base)
July 14, 2023- Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville (w/ Matt Bachmann & Advance Base)
July 15, 2023- Boston, MA @ Exit Galleries (w/ Advance Base)
July 16, 2023- Bath, ME @ The Grant Building (w/ Tiger Saw & Advance Base)
July 17, 2023- Brattleboro, VT @ Epsilon Spires (w/ Bobbie & Advance Base)
July 18, 2023- Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar (w/ Advance Base)
July 19, 2023- Cleveland, OH @ Mahall's (w/ Advance Base)
July 20, 2023- Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary (w/ Advance Base)

𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 by Lisa/Liza is out now! Posted 28 Apr 2023

Breaking and Mending, the new album by Portland, ME psych folk singer, songwriter & guitarist Lisa/Liza, is out now!

Find Breaking and Mending on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Purchase vinyl & downloads HERE.

Read Lisa/Liza's track-by-track breakdown of the album for Deepest Currents HERE.

"Liza Victoria wends through fingerpicked folk, whispery Americana, and the odd psychedelic flourish on her latest as Lisa/Liza. The Portland, Maine, singer-songwriter made the album while 'working through heavy aspects of living with chronic illness,' writing in fleeting periods of health, she said in press materials. 'Music was a friend to me during this, and I know it will continue to be.'" - Pitchfork

"Stunning... as mesmerising as we’ve come to expect from the songwriter, all earthy and dimly lit; shadows dancing in the gloaming." - GoldFlakePaint

"Born out of the artist’s own personal experiences with pain and trauma, Breaking and Mending aches with the often heavy weight of life itself. It’s a record of introspection and inner reckoning; a collection of brutally honest acoustic songs that capture the fragility of our own humanity. Dwelling at the crossroads of tenderness and turbulence, Breaking and Mending sheds light on a topic all too often kept in the darkness. Beautifully vulnerable and breathtakingly raw, Lisa/Liza’s latest is, without a doubt, her best work yet." - Atwood Magazine

"With Breaking and Mending, Lisa/Liza captures the patience required in learning to live with suffering. Be it borne of chronic illness or trauma or the slow weight of passing time. But also the hope that there is reason to weather such conditions. A faith retained through all challenges, much in the same way a tree stands patient despite surely longing for its leaves through the cold of the winter months. And in refusing to sterilize this picture of its contradictions, Liza Victoria reclaims herself from flattening binaries so that others might do so too. Illness and health, loneliness and love, none of these things are simple. And the act of being yourself while living through them is a not a linear process, but an act of breaking, mending." - Various Small Flames

"Incredible" - Deepest Currents

"An instant salve" - Post-Trash

"Spectral and immersive" - Stereogum

"With just her spectral guitar lines and keening vocals, Liza manages to paint an intricate portrait of struggle, loss and the strength to keep on going... Beautiful, tender and restorative." - For the Rabbits