Watch the video for "Cody's Only" by Wednesday Posted 09 Jun 2021

"Cody's Only" is the thrilling second single from Twin Plagues, the forthcoming album by Asheville, NC indie rock band Wednesday (out August 13, 2021). Stereogum shared the music video for "Cody's Only" (directed by lead singer/songwriter Karly Hartzman) along with an interview with Hartzman for the music blog's "Band to Watch" series.

From writer James Rettig:

"On their new single “Cody’s Only” (which you can hear above), Hartzman sings of dreams that “take hours”; she’s had them all, the good and the bad, and they all feel fleeting, unattainable. All she feels is a constant numbness. Hartzman says she wrote the song to try and “put myself back in my body,” to reconnect with what feels tangible. But what she keeps getting stuck on is something that’s already fading: “Your warm breath on the mirror,” she repeats in the song’s pinched hook. She navigates the discontent and disassociation she feels with a gnawing specificity. Wednesday’s songs are youthful, but they already sound old and beaten-down."

"Cody's Only" is now streaming everywhere. Find it on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Twin Plagues is out August 13. Pre-order vinyl LPs, tapes & digital HERE.

2021 tour dates Posted 07 Jun 2021

We have officially relaunched the Orindal tour dates page with ANNIE HART & WEDNESDAY's first in-person concerts of 2021! There are lots more show announcements on the way. Click the link for details & ticket information!

Vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue by Annie Hart out November 19! Posted 02 Jun 2021

On November 19, Orindal Records will release a color vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue, the first collection of ambient instrumental synthesizer music by New York City-based composer & Au Revoir Simone keyboardist Annie Hart.

Originally released on May 7 both digitally and as a limited edition of 150 cassettes, Everything Pale Blue quickly found an audience among patient listeners seeking calm, melody & meditation. Due to popular demand, we are now offering Everything Pale Blue on gorgeous pale blue translucent marble vinyl in a limited run of 300 copies.

In his review for Various Small Flames, Jon Doyle writes of Everything Pale Blue:

"Ostensibly minimalist, the tracks invite the listener in with warm, meditative tones, though the simplicity belies the nuance that emerges once inside. For these are songs at once gentle and playful, capturing the movement, stillness and space of natural systems as well as their shifting, cyclical patterns. Loop, delay and reverb effects interact with one another, each connection building upon the last until Hart’s seemingly modest means have crafted an entire environment from the ground up."

You can pre-order Everything Pale Blue vinyl or purchase one of the last few cassette copies HERE. Records are expected to ship first week of November & all orders include an instant digital download of the album.

time is being by Jill Whit is out today! Posted 28 May 2021

Today is the release date for time is being, a dreamy & meditative electronic pop album by Salt Lake City-based songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist Jill Whit. The album was written during the long days of the pandemic in 2020, when, like many others, Whit found herself spending more time alone than ever before. "The album is really an exploration into the body,” she explains, “It's about knowing yourself through solitude - gaining a connection to your physical body. It relates to opening up to your inner voice, and connecting the body and spirit through physical and emotional movement; to be ever accepting, shifting, breathing, living, being."

You can find time is being on your preferred streaming service HERE.

The tape edition of time is being is accompanied by a 128-page, cassette-sized zine of photos, drawings & lyrics that document Whit's year in quarantine. The tape & zine are packaged together in a butterfly-style double cassette case.

In his review for Undrcurrents, writer David Wilikofsky calls time is being "intimate and beautiful," continuing, "time is being is a project greater than the sum of its parts. It’s really not a set of songs or a zine, it’s an intimate portrait of Jill Whit that also manages to speak to the collective experience we’ve all had. It’s rare that an artist can take something personal and make it feel so universal. Whit has done it here."

Purchase time is being special edition tape+zine or digital download HERE.

All orders include a PDF version of the album's accompanying zine.

Wednesday's new album Twin Plagues is out August 13 Posted 19 May 2021

On August 13, Orindal Records will release Twin Plagues, the new album by Asheville, NC's Wednesday. Find the album's first single, "Handsome Man," on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Or, watch the music video, directed by Zach Romeo:

Pre-order your copy of Twin Plagues & read Hanif Abdurraqib's beautiful essay on Wednesday HERE.

Listen to Matt Bachmann's cover of Michael Hurley's "Wildegeeses" Posted 17 May 2021

Matt Bachmann has shared another song from his excellent forthcoming album, Dream Logic, out June 18 on Orindal Records / We Be Friends Records. "Wildgeeses" is a cover of Matt's favorite song by Michael Hurley, a living legend of outsider folk & Orindal Records hero. Anyone who has seen Matt perform live in recent years has already been charmed by Matt's moody, gently swinging rendition, a staple of his live show.

Beats Per Minute shared "Wildegeeses" this morning. From writer Rob Hakimian:

"(Bachmann’s) love of the song reflects off the icy synths that underlay the track, and the simplistic YouTube-ripped drum loop pushes the glacial song onwards with a gentle caress. Bachmann’s voice is atoned to this chilly atmosphere, his singing barely more than a whisper as he observes “the wind blowin’ from Northwest.” Some atmospheric inflections and subtle harmonies bring breathable depth, but without having to strain or add too many more elements, he pulls us into the mind of this lonely and lovelorn song, to trudge alongside him in the glimmering wilderness. (Bachmann's) love of the song reflects off the icy synths that underlay the track, and the simplistic YouTube-ripped drum loop pushes the glacial song onwards with a gentle caress. Bachmann’s voice is atoned to this chilly atmosphere, his singing barely more than a whisper as he observes “the wind blowin’ from Northwest.” Some atmospheric inflections and subtle harmonies bring breathable depth, but without having to strain or add too many more elements, he pulls us into the mind of this lonely and lovelorn song, to trudge alongside him in the glimmering wilderness."

Pre-order Dream Logic by Matt Bachmann on vinyl & digital formats HERE.

Listen to "Internet Cowboy" by Jill Whit Posted 11 May 2021

This morning, For the Rabbits premiered "Internet Cowboy," the second single from Salt Lake City songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist Jill Whit's forthcoming debut album for Orindal Records, time is being.

“Internet Cowboy” is a gentle & luminous morsel of home-recorded dream pop. Driven by a minimal, loping electronic beat, “Internet Cowboy” shimmers with layers of soft synthesizers that leave plenty of space for the rich, reverb-laden tone of Jill’s emotive vocals. “Internet Cowboy” floats past in just over two minutes, inviting repeated plays to allow listeners to revel in the beauty of its soothing tones & haiku-like poetry.

Jill explains:

"Internet Cowboy was the first song I wrote when the 2020 pandemic hit and I started Quarantining. I started the song thinking it was about trying to focus on the good in order to not fall too deep into fear. It gave me a sense of hope and optimism during a time when seeing the positive was very difficult and was a reminder that time is continual."

Read For the Rabbits lovely review of "Internet Cowboy" HERE.

time is being is out May 28 on Orindal Records. Pre-order a digital download or the special edition cassette + 128 page mini art zine package HERE.

Everything Pale Blue by Annie Hart is out today Posted 07 May 2021

Everything Pale Blue, the debut collection of ambient synthesizer instrumentals by Annie Hart, is out today!

From GoldFlakePaint's review:

"...the new album is both meandering and meditative, with Hart crafting a whole new world of her own through the gently lapping synthesizer explorations that absorb the listener. It’s prefaced by “Sun in the Dark”... a song that beautifully encapsulates the otherworldly magic of this new body of work. A twinkling tapestry of sound, the song rolls on for nearly ten minutes, barely fluctuating but utterly engrossing nonetheless. Like lying under a perfect summer’s sky, the occasional shifts in tone are minimal but feel striking within their context here."

Find Everything Pale Blue on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Purchase tapes & downloads HERE.

Orindal Records May/June 2021 Playlist Posted 26 Apr 2021

Here's a Soundcloud playlist that collects tracks from Orindal Records' May & June releases. Listen below!

1. "Apple Pie" by Matt Bachmann
from the LP Dream Logic (out June 18)
The New York multi-instrumentalist's first vinyl release is a hypnotic blend of teary ambient-pop songs and cinematic instrumental.

2. "Maybe Means No" by Jill Whit
from the tape+zine time is being (out May 28)
The Salt Lake City songwriter, tattooer & fine artist blends bedroom ambient soundscapes, gentle electronic beats, spoken-word poetry & emotive singing into a comforting & intimate quarantine song diary.

3. "This Land is Not Our Land by Dan Wriggins
from the digital EP Still Is: Dan Wriggins Sings Utah Phillips (out May 7)
The Friendship singer/songwriter/guitarist pays tribute to American labor organizer, musician, and storyteller Bruce "U. Utah" Phillips in this digital-only benefit EP. All proceeds support the People’s Fridge on 52nd St. in West Philadelphia.

4. "Sun in the Dark" by Annie Hart
from the tape Everything Pale Blue (out May 7)
The Au Revoir Simone keyboardist & composer's first collection of ambient music, performed entirely on analog synthesizers.

Out today: Advance Base- Live at Home & Casiotone for the Painfully Alone- Vs. Children vinyl reissue Posted 23 Apr 2021

Today is the double release date for two albums by me, Owen Ashworth, the person who runs Orindal Records:

Advance Base- Live at Home collects songs recorded during a series of home concert livestream broadcasts from the spring & summer of 2021, when touring was made impossible by the COVID-19 pandemic. The warm & intimate solo performances on Live at Home recreate the experience of an Advance Base basement show. The album includes three songs from each of the three Advance Base “studio” albums, plus new arrangements of three favorites from the Casiotone for the Painfully Alone catalog, making Live at Home a de facto greatest hits collection, albeit one with its own specific character & unifying aesthetic. It's my favorite album I've ever made!

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone- Vs. Children is a reissue of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's final album. From Jon Doyle's press release: "First released by German label Tomlab in 2009, Vs. Children completed an evolution beyond the strictly electronic style of the early CFTPA releases, using piano, organ, Mellotron, and acoustic percussion to achieve a newfound richness. Coupled with its increasingly mature lyricism, Vs. Children represented something of an inflection point, a turn away from the often harsh keyboard arrangements of past records towards a more organic form. A sound that Ashworth would develop further as Casiotone metamorphosized into his new project, Advance Base."

Purchase both albums together to save on shipping!

Order Advance Base- Live at Home on vinyl or CD HERE.

Order Casiotone for the Painfully Alone- Vs. Children on black vinyl or "Jetta White" opaque natural vinyl HERE.

Both titles are distributed internationally by The Business & Mississippi Records.

If you live in UK/EU, you can order both titles from www.juno.co.uk.