LISA/LIZA- Momentary Glance LPs, CDs & bonus tapes are in stock & ready to ship! Posted 25 Nov 2018

Momentary Glance, the new album by Lisa/Liza, is in stock & ready to ship! We also have exclusive cassette copies of The Morning Light of When EP, which is only available as a special pre-order bonus. Listen to preview tracks & order your copy RIGHT HERE.


11/30 Portland, ME @ Space Gallery
12/02 Chicago, IL @ Landland >*
12/06 Vancouver, BC @ Wise Lounge >&
12/07 Seattle, WA @ Barboza >
12/08 Anacortes, WA @ Kennelly Keys >
12/09 Portland, OR @ Turn Turn Turn >
12/11 San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah >$
12/12 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater >£
12/14 Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole >?
12/15 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space >?
12/16 Albuquerque, NM @ Tannex >?
12/17 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive >?

* w/ Izzy Olive (of Half Gringa)
> w/ Advance Base
& w/ To Bad Catholics
$ w/ Stephen Steinbrink
£ w/ Little Wings
? w/ Karima Walker

LISA/LIZA: "Tea Kettle" premiere + 12/2 Chicago show Posted 12 Nov 2018

This morning, Various Small Flames premiered "Tea Kettle," the third single from Lisa/Liza's forthcoming Orindal CD/LP, Momentary Glance. Writer Jon Doyle said this:

"The majority of the songs on the record clock in at over seven minutes, and ‘Tea Kettle’ is a no exception. However, where long tracks are often a lesson in maximalist indulgence, those of Lisa/Liza are born of patience and natural rhythms, where space and silence are as important as the music itself. It is this that makes the songs of Momentary Glance feel so pertinent to Victoria’s personal trauma despite pre-dating it—an unhurried connection to the textures of existence will always come to represent the sharp vicissitudes of life."

Read Jon's entire piece & listen to "Tea Kettle" HERE.

Pre-order Momentary Glance on CD, LP, or limited edition color vinyl bundle (including a bonus cassette & poster) HERE.

Today, we are also pleased to announce a 12/2 Chicago record release show for both Lisa/Liza's Momentary Glance & the CD edition of the new Orindal Records sampler, "Gentle Weirdos." The show will happen at Landland print shop. Advance Base & Izzy Olive (of Half Gringa) are also on the bill. Tickets are $8 & available HERE.

Advance Base EU/UK tickets on sale today! + even more U.S. tour dates Posted 07 Nov 2018

Today, Advance Base kicks off the 2nd part of a lengthy U.S. tour in support of their brand new album Animal Companionship (co-released by our friends at Run For Cover Records). The next two months will bring Advance Base through the lower Midwest, South, & West Coast, sharing stages with Orindal labelmates Greg Jamie, Moon Racer, Lisa/Liza & Karima Walker.

Today is also the day that tickets go on sale for Advance Base's February/March tour of Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom & Ireland! These are the first overseas shows for Advance Base since 2013.

You'll find ticket links HERE.

Listen to "Real Estate" by Lisa/Liza Posted 29 Oct 2018

This morning, Post-Trash premiered "Real Estate," the second single from Lisa/Liza's forthcoming album, Momentary Glance (out Nov 30). Post-Trash's Dan Goldin describes the song as follows:

Kept primarily to a hush, the bare-bones approach to the finger-picked melody and gently commanding vocals feels like a presence of another time, reflections of memories brought to life during the cold winter months. (Liza) Victoria’s poetic vocals recalling specific moments that feel abstract but reflective, an open-framework to a world both ruminative and transportive as she sings, “Watch the stars fall apart / Makes the road to no-place / Seem a lot less lost / And you seem a lot less lost.”

Goldin goes on to describe Momentary Glance as a whole as "about as beautiful as they come, each performance stretched out with dimly shimmering clarity and blissful patience." You can read the full article HERE.

You can pre-order Momentary Glance as a CD, LP, download, or a special edition colored vinyl + bonus cassette bundle HERE.

Listen to "Hi Beams" by Matt Bachmann (featuring Erin Birgy of Mega Bog) Posted 26 Oct 2018

This morning, Week in Pop premiered "Hi Beams,' the second single from Mega Bog bassist Matt Bachmann's latest solo tape, Unconditional Love (out 11/2 on Orindal). "Hi Beams" features guest vocals from Matt's Mega Bog bandmate Erin Birgy (pictured above with Matt). Week in Pop's Sjimon Gompers says:

"Hi Beams" serenely drives with a sentimental sincerity that coasts sweetly and deeply into the calm mysteries of night. The understated and intimate vocal trade-off between and Bachmann and Birgy creates the sensation of spending time on a late evening road trip with a loved one.

Read more about Matt Bachmann's "Hi Beams" & Unconditional Love HERE.

Order a tape or digital download of Unconditional Love HERE.

Greg Jamie solo tour Posted 23 Oct 2018

Greg Jamie is heading out on a short solo tour of the American east coast & south, & he's meeting up with Orindal labelmates Moon Racer, Advance Base, Matt Bachmann & Lisa/Liza along the way! You'll find more details & ticket links on the Orindal tour page.

Gentle Weirdos: Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 2 Posted 17 Oct 2018

"Gentle Weirdos" is the second free compilation album from Orindal Records. This one focuses on our 2017 & 2018 releases, with tracks by Moon Racer, Friendship, Dear Nora, Matt Bachmann, Greg Jamie, Gia Margaret, Lisa/Liza, Robert Stillman, Karima Walker, Hello Shark & Advance Base. It's available to stream & download for free on our Bandcamp page.

LISA/LIZA: "The Matador Pt 2" premiere & Momentary Glance pre-order Posted 16 Oct 2018

Momentary Glance, the second LP by Liza Victoria's psych folk recording project, Lisa/Liza, will be released by Orindal Records on November 30, 2018. Vinyl LPs, CDs, digital dowloads, & special colored vinyl bundles (featuring an exclusive vinyl color, poster & bonus tape) are now available for pre-order HERE.

Momentary Glance is Victoria's first album of electric guitar recordings, half of which feature the recording debut of her live band (comprised of fellow Mainers Jonathan Downs, Devin Ivy & Pete Swegart). Momentary Glance was recorded & mixed by Efrim Manuel Menuck (of Godspeed! You Black Emperor & Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) at his hotel2tango studio in Montreal, with the exception of the song “Tea Kettle,” which was recorded & mixed by Colby Nathan at New Fruit Collective in Portland, Maine.

This morning, Stereogum premiered the epic first single, "The Matador Pt 2," calling it "a meditative eight minutes of downtuned strumming and world-weary searching that serves as a continuation of a theme she first explored on a song from 2014. “I turned around to see the stars/ It wasn’t where the answers are,” she sings, letting those hanging questions fill up the empty space around her. It’s patient and enveloping, and in comparison to the earlier version of this song, it allows even more room for quiet and shaky contemplation.

"Victoria has an uncanny knack for intense atmospherics — her debut album utilized only her voice and an acoustic guitar, and with her forthcoming sophomore album, Momentary Glance, she opens up her sound. It’s her first electric album, made with her new live band and recorded by Godspeed! You Black Emperor’s Efrim Manuel Menuck at his studio in Montreal. It’s a collection of gently unfurling tracks centered around Victoria’s placid voice and an intoxicating static buzz."

Introducing Matt Bachmann Posted 18 Sep 2018

Orindal Records is pleased to announce Unconditional Love, the new album by Brooklyn-based musician/composer/songwriter Matt Bachmann (of Mega Bog & Big Eater). Unconditional Love is a patient, atmospheric pop album loaded with uncanny ambient textures & impellent rhythms, & carried by Matt's tender falsetto. Unconditional Love will be released on cassette & digital formats on November 2, 2018.

Brooklyn Vegan premiered the first single, "To Be in Love" today, calling it "a very pretty dose of atmospheric bedroom pop." Matt will be touring the US throughout the fall in support of Unconditional Love's release, playing select dates with Lisa/Liza, Ed Askew & Harmony Tividad (of Girlpool). Listen to the stream of "To Be in Love" & read up on all of Matt's tour dates HERE.

Pre-order Unconditional Love on cassette or digital formats HERE.