Orindal Discography

ORD-01 Concern / Advance Base - Traditionals 7”
ORD-02 Advance Base - Our Cat 7” (OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-03 Advance Base - A Shut-In’s Prayer CD/LP & (VINYL OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-04 Julie Byrne - Faster or Greener Than Now 7” (OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-05 Advance Base - Instrumentals #1 CS (OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-06 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - In Cambridge LP
ORD-07 Gordon Ashworth - S.T.L.A. CD/LP
ORD-08 Advance Base - The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere CD/7” EP
ORD-09 Nicholas Krgovich - On Cahuenga LP
ORD-10 Julie Byrne - Rooms With Walls and Windows CD/LP
ORD-11 Advance Base - Tomorrow's Homes Today CS/CD (CS OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-12 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - In Sydney LP
ORD-14 Concern - Misfortune CD
ORD-15 Advance Base - Plastic Owen Band CS
ORD-16 Advance Base - Nephew in the Wild CD/LP/CS & (LP & CD OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-17 Robert Stillman - Rainbow CD/LP
ORD-18 Advance Base - Pamela 7"
ORD-19 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Etiquette CS (OUT OF PRINT) / LP (2018 Remaster)
ORD-20 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Vs. Children CS
ORD-21 Hello Shark - Delicate CD/LP
ORD-22 Advance Base - In Bloomington LP
ORD-23 Lisa/Liza - Deserts of Youth CD/LP
ORD-24 Dear Nora - Mountain Rock LP reissue
ORD-25 Robert Stillman - Time of Waves 8" Lathe Cut Picture Disc
ORD-26 Various Artists - Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 1 CS/CD (OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-27 Karima Walker - Hands in Our Names CD/LP
ORD-28 Hello Shark - Break Arms & H.S. CS
ORD-29 Friendship - Shock out of Season CD/LP
ORD-30 Greg Jamie - Crazy Time CS/LP
ORD-31 Robert Stillman - Portals CS
ORD-32 Dear Nora - Skulls Example LP
ORD-33 Moon Racer - Is It Really a Secret? CS
ORD-34 Gia Margaret - There's Always Glimmer CS/CD/LP (TAPE OUT OF PRINT) %
ORD-35 Lisa/Liza - Barn Coat EP CS (OUT OF PRINT)
ORD-36 Advance Base - Animal Companionship LP/CD/CS +
ORD-37 Matt Bachmann - Unconditional Love CS
ORD-38 Lisa/Liza - Momentary Glance CD/LP
ORD-39 Lisa/Liza - The Morning Light of When CS (only available as a pre-order exclusive with ORD-38)
ORD-40 Various Artists - Gentle Weirdos: Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 2 CD
ORD-41 Robert Stillman - Reality CD/LP
ORD-42 Ruth Garbus - Kleinmeister CD/LP
ORD-43 Matt Bachmann - Walking Preference CS
ORD-44 Claire Cronin - Big Dread Moon LP
ORD-45 Boduf Songs - Abyss Versions LP
ORD-46 Friendship - Dreamin' CD/LP
ORD-47 Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret LP (out June 12)
ORD-48 Wednesday - I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone LP

& Released in EU/UK by Tomlab Records
% Released outside of North America by Dalliance Recordings
+ Co-released by Run For Cover Records