ADVANCE BASE- Instrumentals #1 ORD-05

A mixtape of lo-fi instrumental beats produced by Advance Base. Instrumentals #1 compiles the six beats recorded for Serengeti's Family & Friends album on Anticon Records, plus vocal-free versions of two non-album tracks ("Cubes" & "Kenny Vs. Spring"). Distorted & off-kilter drum machine rhythms, soul claps, icy analogue synth melodies, warbled vocal samples & ghostly orchestral sounds get drowned in reverb & tape hiss & the results are beautiful. Moody & dreamy, but more beat-oriented than A Shut-In's Prayer. 8 tracks, 23 minutes.

Track titles indicate the names of the original instrumental demos, followed by the officially-released vocal versions.


  1. Arp/A.R.P.
  2. Flutes/Flutes
  3. Haha/Ha-Ha
  4. Anna Curtis/PMDD
  5. Humming/Kenny Vs. Spring
  6. Piano#/Cubes
  7. Restless/The Whip
  8. Abalone Knife/Dwight

Pressing Information

Professionally dubbed chrome tapes in imprinted kelly green shells.

Risograph printed covers by Issue Press in Grand Rapids, MI.

Limited to 100 copies with 320 kbps MP3 downloads.