Orindal Records MMXVII Sampler ORD-26

Release date: Friday, August 5, 2016

A free compilation album featuring previously released tracks from all of the artists on the Orindal roster!


  1. Dear Nora “The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1”
    from the LP reissue of Mountain Rock (ORD-24)
  2. Hello Shark “Danny”
    from the CD/LP Delicate (ORD-21)
  3. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “White Corolla (Version)”
    from the cassette reissue of Etiquette (ORD-19)
  4. Julie Byrne “Holiday”
    from the 7” Faster or Greener Than Now (ORD-04)
  5. Karima Walker “St. Ignacio”
    from the LP Hands in Our Names (ORD-27)
  6. Gordon Ashworth “Norma”
    from the CD/LP S.T.L.A. (ORD-07)
  7. Nicholas Krgovich “Let’s Take the Car Out”
    from the LP On Cahuenga (ORD-09)
  8. Advance Base “Summer Music (Live)”
    from the LP In Bloomington (ORD-22)
  9. Lisa/Liza “Century Woods”
    from the CD/LP Deserts of Youth (ORD-23)
  10. Robert Stillman “Time of Waves”
    from the EP Time of Waves (ORD-25)
  11. Concern “Pity”
    from the CD reissue of Misfortune CD (ORD-14)
  12. Advance Base “Abalone Knife/Dwight”
    from the cassette Instrumentals #1 (ORD-05)

Pressing Information

1000 CDs packaged in full color mini LP jackets (OUT OF PRINT) + an unlimited digital edition

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