ADVANCE BASE- Plastic Owen Band ORD-15

Plastic Owen Band is a mixtape of covers, compilation tracks, demos & rarities recorded by Owen Ashworth of Advance Base between 2011 & 2014.


  1. Lodi (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
  2. To Beat The Devil (Kris Kristofferson cover)
  3. Philadelphia (Neil Young cover)
  4. Frank Capra (Instrumental)
  5. Liza (Bill Withers cover, featuring Katrina Dixon)
  6. Single Girl, Married Girl (Carter Family cover) *
  7. Motion Juice (For DC Pierson)
  8. Riot Grrrls (Garage Band demo)
  9. Natural Light (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone cover)
  10. Summer Music (Remix, featuring Gordon Ashworth & Julie Byrne)
  11. Autochord (Instrumental)
  12. Our Cat *
  13. WKRP in Cincinnati (Main Theme) *

* Cassette only bonus track, not available on the digital edition

Pressing Information

100 professionally dubbed, high bias cassette tapes in electric blue shells, imprinted with the Orindal Records logo. 4-panel J-cards feature cover art by E.A. McKnight printed in red & blue on heavy white cardstock. Risograph printing by Issue Press of Grand Rapids, MI.