MATT BACHMANN- Dream Logic ORD-55 / WBF-034

Release date: June 18, 2021

In a modest home studio in Brooklyn, Matt is soundtracking memories. Swelling guitars and layers of synthesizers fill the room, searching for a recreation of exactly how the feelings once felt. With the twist of a knob, he finds it. “Fuck yeah,” he mutters to himself.

Dream Logic is Matt Bachmann’s newest album— a hypnotic blend of teary ambient-pop songs and cinematic instrumentals. Its 11 tracks stretch and experiment with genre while holding true to a natural flow. Fans of Bachmann’s last two (and vastly different) Orindal releases— Walking Preference (2019) and Unconditional Love (2018)—will appreciate the way Dream Logic manages to expand on both. “Up until this record, I had carefully contained my musical styles into neat collections— recording songwriting material under the moniker ‘Big Eater,’ recording jazz-oriented instrumental music under the moniker ‘Pachanga,’ and recording repetitive melodic drone music under my own name,” says Bachmann. “The guiding principle behind Dream Logic was to integrate these modalities of music making, allowing whatever was going to come out to come out, and not worry if it made sense.” The album was recorded mostly alone, with Bachmann shaping sounds with guitar pedals or his cassette console’s Varispeed functions, slowing down or speeding up tracks to interesting results. Influenced by his years playing bass and recording with Mega Bog, Bachmann enlisted a large cast of players to fill out the record with decorative charms. Kyle Boston (Guitar) and Brady Custis (Production/Guitar) helped lay the foundation for Dream Logic’s textual roux before Boggers Derek Baron (Drums), Will Murdoch (Synths), James Krivchenia (Percussion), and others added their signature spices to the sonic cauldron.

Matt is sprawled on his back, fully clothed, on top of the sheets of his bed. Light beams streaming through the window highlight the hovering dust particles. A looping instrumental track plays from an iPhone speaker placed right beside Matt’s left ear. His body trembles a bit as he tries to minimize resistance on the brain to mouth highway, singing any image that comes to mind: a park bench, the 1997 NBA slam dunk competition, a cardamom seed, a bug bite. He scribbles these last two in a notebook.

Though lyrically sparse, Bachmann makes what is uttered on Dream Logiccount. His sad reflections and hazy rearview images indirectly illuminate some of the more difficult moments from his life— in particular, the loss of his father in 2013 to Lou Gehrig’s disease. The exuberant, vibraphone-heavy single “Apple Pie” is a tribute to his father’s baking hobby that he continued even as his mind began to deteriorate; “My Dad and His Boat” references a story repeatedly told by Bachmann’s grandmother that may or may not have been colored by her growing dementia. Each of these memories is presented as a fragment from some subconscious association, causing a muscle to tense up before flying away as quickly as it came. All are mindfully followed by the space to reflect—or zone out—as one sees fit.

Dream Logic will be available in LP and digital formats from Orindal Records & We Be Friends on June 18th.

Matt giggles nervously. “It’s all in your head Matt. It’s all in your head.”


  1. Childish Spark (1:21)
  2. Glass Carousel (3:55)
  3. Apple Pie (4:59)
  4. Novel Crime (2:24)
  5. Tears in Rain (4:36)
  6. Hard Times (2:51)
  7. April (3:17)
  8. My Dad and His Boat (3:48)
  9. Outer Window (5:24)
  10. Wildegeeses (4:45)
  11. L4L (1:56)
  12. Pressing Information

    140 gram black vinyl LPs with black & blue labels in extra heavyweight, full color photo jackets. 11 tracks, 39 minutes.

    Vinyl pressing limited to 300 copies.

    Pressing by Palomino Records Pressing in Shepherdsville, KY.

    Dream Logic is distributed by The Business & Mississippi Records.