Dear Nora- 𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙛𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙨 vinyl shipping now! + solo east coast & full band west coast tour dates! Posted 26 Mar 2023

After months of manufacturing delays, human futures, the brilliant new album by Dear Nora, is finally available on vinyl!

Order your copy on "Skull" or classic black vinyl HERE.

"human futures retains everything that has made Dear Nora a cult hit—the playful lo-fi pop vibe, the offbeat observational lyrics that have come to mark later releases—but feels somehow more complete, more cohesive. Few artists capture twenty-first century life as well as Davidson, images of natural beauty sitting next to wry humour and deadpan observations of our ruined world."
- Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

Catch Dear Nora on tour & pick up a copy of human futures from the merch table!

March 31, 2023- Queens, NY @ Sundown Bar w/ Jane Lai
April 2, 2023- Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/ Berra
April 3, 2023- Philadelphia, PA @ Imperfect Gallery w/ Opal Eskar (Karl Blau project!), Birdie Busch
April 4, 2023- Northampton, MA @ Parlor Room w/ bobbie
April 5, 2023- Brattleboro, VT @ Epsilon Spires w/ Footings
April 6, 2023- Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
April 7, 2023- Montreal, QC @ Diving Bell Social Club w/ The Castle
April 8, 2023- Cambridge, MA @ Gallery 263

April 29, 2023- Santa Cruz, CA @ SubRosa (w/ Nicholas Krgovich)
April 30, 2023- San Francisco, CA @ Brick and Mortar (w/ Gregory Uhlmann)
May 01, 2023- Long Beach, CA @ The Vine (w/ Nicholas Krgovich)
May 02, 2023- San Diego, CA @ Quartyard (w/ Frankie Cosmos
May 03, 2023- Joshua Tree, CA @ The Firehouse (w/ Frankie Cosmos & Nicholas Krgovich)
May 04, 2023- Los Angeles, CA @ Spoke Cafe (w/ Frankie Cosmos
May 05, 2023- Big Sur, CA @ Henry Miller Memorial Library (w/ Frankie Cosmos)
May 18, 2023- Tucson @ Groundworks (w/ Dogbreth)

Listen to "Held Together" from Lisa/Liza's new album, 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 Posted 15 Mar 2023

Photo by Alexa Clavette

"An instant salve" - Post-Trash

"Spectral and immersive" - Stereogum

"With just her spectral guitar lines and keening vocals, Liza manages to paint an intricate portrait of struggle, loss and the strength to keep on going... Beautiful, tender and restorative." - For the Rabbits

"Under the moniker Lisa/Liza, Portland, Maine songwriter Liza Victoria makes what we have previously described as 'deliberate, unhurried songs made in the image of nature’s patient rhythms […] that examine how surrounding landscapes are tied to our most intimate emotions and memories.' In April, Victoria returns with Breaking and Mending, her first full-length since 2020’s excellent Shelter of a Song, again on Orindal Records. Written while working through chronic illness and the heavy legacy of past trauma, the record captures what Victoria describes as her 'emotional landscape in the last two years,' and lead single ‘Held Together’ introduces these themes with tender beauty. Constructed of picked guitar and softly crooning vocals, its a song about weathering changing seasons of an internal nature, about holding on for metaphorical buds of spring." - Various Small Flames

On April 28, Orindal Records will release Breaking and Mending, the latest tender treasury of stripped-down psych folk from Portland, Maine’s Lisa/Liza. Breaking and Mending’s lead single, “Held Together”, premiered on Post-Trash & is now streaming everywhere.

Post- Trash's Dan Goldin writes:

“The record’s lead single is “Held Together,” a song that reads like a personal recollection, a letter to self, a gentle reminder to stay afloat even as things are tough. There’s a whole world out there, changing seasons, growth and bloom, and feelings that will eventually come and go. The soft acoustic guitar is played with undeniable emotion, with strums alternating between gentle touches and more immediate finger picking. It’s beautiful in the way that all Lisa/Liza songs are. We all struggle, but we’re not alone. Victoria’s voice is your favorite blanket, her words a dissociation from troubles, deciding instead to focus on the beauty of her surroundings, to put her mind at ease. It’s a welcome respite.”

Read the full preview HERE.

Breaking and Mending is available on Irish Setter color vinyl, black vinyl & digital formats. Vinyl orders ship in early April. Pre-order your copy HERE.

April 11, 2023- Chatanooga, TN @ The Woodshop (w/ Joe Chang)
April 12, 2023- Atlanta, GA @ 529 (w/ Joe Chang, Annie Leeth & Perdy Slow)
April 13, 2023- Athens, GA @ Buvez (w/ Joe Chang)
April 14, 2023- Greenville, SC @ Inchoate Art Gallery (w/ Joe Chang, Shane Parish + John Kiran Fernandes Duo & Annie Leeth)
April 15, 2023- Columbia, SC @ The Addition (w/ Joe Chang & Marshall Brown)
April 16, 2023- Asheville, NC @ Static Age (w/ Joe Chang, Natalie Jane Hill & Sinai Vessel)

𝘿𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙨 by Nicholas Krgovich is out now! Posted 10 Mar 2023

Ducks, an intimate album of solo 4-track recordings by Vancouver, BC singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Krgovich, is out today! Find it on your favorite streaming service here HERE & purchase a vinyl LP & download HERE.

"Nicholas Krgovich’s new album, Ducks, explores the rich experience of solitude, and the many quiet revelations that are available in even the most mundane moments. Each of the album’s eleven songs presents a closely-observed vignette of simply being alive and sentient in such moments: Krgovich describes himself mailing a letter, waking up on a hot day, combing the beach for shells, mowing the lawn, and noticing his own thoughts and feelings about these activities along the way. The album’s vibe of radical presence is emphasized both lyrically and in its production. Each song has a kind of meditative quality, a pulse that guides the ear down a straight path, moving while somehow also staying rooted in place. Airy guitar noodling drifts above simple percussion, often consisting of just a couple of sounds. An egg shaker comes in and out with great precision. The surprising chord progressions that characterize much of Krgovich’s previous music are here as well, and this combination—unexpected harmonic changes on top of the other elements’ regularity—feels like a wordless evocation of the lyrics’ theme: that there are revelations to be found even within the regular and daily. We can always be surprised by ourselves and/in the world." - Marianna Ritchey

"Perhaps that’s the joy of Nicholas Krgovich’s music, he takes the view out your window and shines new light upon it, he highlights the beauty and the sadness, the tough past and the bright future we have to believe is coming around every corner." - For the Rabbits

April 14, 2023- Seattle, WA @ Vera Project (w/ Advance Base & Lori Goldston)
April 15, 2023- Portland, OR @ Turn! Turn! Turn! (w/ Advance Base & Hot Gum)
April 16, 2023- Arcata, CA @ Outer Space (w/ Advance Base)
April 17, 2023- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill (w/ Advance Base & The Reds, Pinks & Purples)
May 03, 2023- Joshua Tree, CA @ The Firehouse (w/ Frankie Cosmos & Dear Nora)

Listen to "Front Stoop #2" from Nicholas Krgovich's forthcoming album of solo 4-track recordings, 𝘋𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘴 Posted 15 Feb 2023

Ducks, an intimate album of solo 4-track recordings by Vancouver, BC singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Krgovich (No Kids, P:ano, Mount Eerie, Dear Nora, Shabason & Krgovich), will be released by Orindal Records on March 10, 2023. Ducks’ breezy, melancholic tunes describe Krgovich's day-to-day in charmingly mundane detail over clever pop arrangements reminiscent of Yo La Tengo at their gentlest & The Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile. Ducks is Nicholas Krgovich's first album for Orindal since 2015's On Cahuenga. We're so pleased to be working with him again!

Ducks' lead-off track & first single, "Front Stoop #2", is now streaming everywhere.

Nicholas Krgovich on "Front Stoop #2":

Made up this song in a "end of the bed with an acoustic guitar preparing for a coffee shop open mic nite" spirit! Takes about as long to listen to as it did to come up with - my feelings in September 2019 after a summer of forest fires and a very trippy biblical end times western hemlock looper moth infestation... Enjoy :-)

Read Marianna Ritchey's essay on Ducks & pre-order the album on vinyl & digital formats HERE.

(Photo of Nicholas Krgovich by Greg Campanile)

To celebrate the release of Ducks, Nicholas Krgovich is embarking on a brief tour of the western United States with his old pal & Orindal labelmate Advance Base. You won't want to miss these two live!

April 14, 2023- Seattle, WA @ Vera Project (w/ Lori Goldston)
April 15, 2023- Portland, OR @ Turn! Turn! Turn! (w/ Hot Gum)
April 16, 2023- Arcata, CA @ Outer Space
April 17, 2023- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill (w/ The Reds, Pinks & Purples)

(Flyer by Zach Burba)

Wednesday- 𝘔𝘰𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘓𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘴 𝘐𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘥 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 '𝘦𝘮 𝘜𝘱 vinyl edition Posted 07 Feb 2023

Asheville, NC indie rock legends-in-the-making Wednesday released their epic covers collection, Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling 'em Up, on cassette & digital formats last year, & Pitchfork named the album one of the Best Rock Albums of 2022! Now, by popular demand, Orindal Records will release a vinyl edition of Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling 'em Up on March 3, 2023!!

This new edition of 1000 super high quality, 160 gram vinyl LPs were pressed by Smashed Plastic in Chicago, IL & come packaged in extra heavyweight photo jackets with double-sided, full color, 11x11 mini-poster inserts. LPs come in two colorways: pilsner yellow translucent vinyl (600 copies) or classic black vinyl (400 copies).

The new vinyl edition is available exclusively through mail order & direct from the band on tour.

Pre-order your copy now to receive it by the March 3 release date!

From Sam Sodomsky's review for Pitchfork:

"The follow-up to 2021’s excellent Twin Plagues, it’s the type of collection that, in a lesser band’s hands, might feel like a stopgap release: a low-stakes way of shaking off the jitters after a breakthrough. Instead, Mowing the Leaves feels crucial to Wednesday’s evolution, running through their influences—classic country, 1990s alt-rock and shoegaze, 2000s alt-country—to illustrate what the band draws on to create its signature blend."


Karima Walker's New Year Texas Tour Posted 17 Jan 2023

Tucson, AZ singer, songwriter, ambient composer & experimental filmmaker Karima Walker is bringing her immersive, multimedia live show to Texas for a week of dates with some of the Lone Star State's best indie/Americana artists. Don't miss Karima Walker (& friends) live!

Karima Walker's New Year Texas Tour
January 20, 2023- Austin, TX @ Cactus Cafe (free show w/ Jordan Moser & Will Johnson)
January 21, 2023- San Antonio, TX @ Presa House (w/ Little Mazarn)
January 22, 2023- Galveston, TX @ Galveston Artist Residency (w/ Little Mazarn)
January 25, 2023- Lockhart, TX @ Arts + Craft (w/ Alex Dupree)
January 27, 2023- Dallas, TX @ The Wild Detectives (w/ Alex Dupree)
January 28, 2023- Austin, TX @ Sagebrush (w/ Twain & Julian Neel)

Orindal webstore closed Nov 29-Dec 12 Posted 29 Nov 2022

The Orindal webstore will be closed while I'm away on tour with Advance Base. Today is the last day that I'll be shipping orders before I close up the shop until December 10. You'll still be able to place orders & receive digital downloads, but no physical orders will ship until December 12.

As always, many Orindal titles are available via mail order from our distributor The Business.

Orindal Records Fall Showcase (Chicago, IL) **NEW VENUE** Posted 25 Oct 2022

To celebrate the release of human futures, the fantastic new album Dear Nora (out now!), Orindal Records is hosting a Fall Showcase on Sunday, October 30, just outside of Chicago in Berwyn, IL.

Please note that the showcase has been moved from The Hideout to FitzGerald's! If you purchased tickets for the Hideout date, your purchase will be refunded. Tickets are not transferable.

Set times:
Jill Whit
Moon Racer
Nicholas Krgovich
Dear Nora

Tons of Orindal Records LPs, CDs, tapes & other merch will be on sale. It's going to be a great night & we can't wait to see you there!

Get your tickets HERE.

Listen to "Defeat" by Macie Stewart Posted 19 Oct 2022

“Defeat” is the latest chamber folk stunner from Chicago, IL singer, composer & multi-instrumentalist Macie Stewart (also of FINOM). On “Defeat,” Macie’s bell-clear vocals are accompanied by a taut arrangement of acoustic guitars, violins & percussion (all performed by Stewart), as well as flutes performed by fellow Chicagoan V.V. Lightbody. "Defeat" was recorded by Dorian Gehring & mixed by Dave Vettraino.

"Defeat is about confronting overextension and overcommitment" Macie says of the track. "Sometimes you say yes so many times- to work, to hangs, to relationships, that you cease to bring your best in all those avenues.”

Macie sings over a gorgeous swell of strings & flutes: “Composing a word to take back the meaning / I promised my best and that’s not what I’m giving.”

"Defeat" is available as a standalone digital single for North America. Much like previous single "Maya, Please," "Defeat" is also available in the UK & Europe as a bonus track on Full Time Hobby Records' UK/EU edition of Macie Stewart’s debut album, Mouth Full of Glass. Stream "Defeat" HERE.

The single is accompanied by a sumptuous music video by director/editor Sid Branca & cinematographer/colorist Greg Stephen Reigh. Watch it here:

Catch Macie Stewart on tour!

Nov 19, 2022- Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village (w/ Tenci)
Nov 25, 2022- Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 27, 2022- Paris, France @ Petit Bain (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 29, 2022- Utrecht, Netherlands @ Db's (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 30, 2022- Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 01, 2022- Hamburg, Germany @ Aalhaus (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 02, 2022- Malmo, Sweden @ Plan B (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 03, 2022- Gothenburg, Sweden @ Pustervikt (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 04, 2022- Oslo, Norway @ John Dee (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 05, 2022- Stockholm, Sweden @ Hus 7 (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 06, 2022- Copenhagen, Denmark @ Rust (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 07, 2022- Berlin, Germany @ Badehaus (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 09, 2022- London, England @ The Sebright Arms

Listen to "sinaloan restaurant" by Dear Nora Posted 12 Oct 2022

"sinaloan restaurant" is the third & final advance single from Dear Nora's forthcoming album, human futures, out October 28 on Orindal! Find "sinaloan restaurant" on streaming services HERE.

Katy Davidson from Dear Nora explains:

"I pulled the lyric ideas for this song from a wild array of personal and cultural references, but ultimately it's about family separation, shadow forces, and the pandemic's effect on the civic/commercial landscape. I grew up in the western United States, in a town where a classic "sit-down" Mexican restaurant was the undeniable cultural hub. Because of this, Mexican food has always been my comfort food. I think that most towns and cities in the western US have a place like this, even in “red states.” But the pandemic shifted so much ground, and it was unsettling to witness some of those establishments close. And the horrid politics playing out in the foreground amplified the unease. My friend Dave says this song feels like magical realism. I hadn't thought about it that way when I wrote it, but I agree. The first two lines were said to me by my partner's mother Miriam, who had advanced Alzheimer's disease. “Have you crossed the line to Mexico? My dad died many times years ago.” It was a rare moment where she shared semi-lucid thoughts, so I wrote them down immediately. We were drinking steamy coffee on a winter morning, wrapped in blankets, and looking out at the desert morning. Miriam died during the pandemic.

Re: contributors to the composition/recording:

Greg Campanile wrote that insanely dank beat.

Zach Burba wrote that bass loop when I gave him a Lou Reed prompt.

Nicholas Krgovich played some of those ethereal keyboard moments that we tricked out in pre-mixing.

I recorded all the “oooh” vocals with “Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson in mind, but I had also just had a sip of mezcal and it went down the wrong pipe, so I was really fighting through a burning sensation in my throat while trying to be real suave."

Catch Dear Nora on tour!

Oct 30, 2022- Berwyn, IL @ FitzGerald's (w/ Jill Whit, Moon Racer & Nicholas Krgovich)
Nov 01, 2022- Portland, ME @ SPACE
Nov 02, 2022- Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
Nov 03, 2022- Cambridge, MA @ Lilypad
Nov 04, 2022- Providence, RI @ AS220
Nov 05, 2022- Greenfield, MA @ Ten Forward
Nov 07, 2022- Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right
Nov 09, 2022- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ 2nd Grade)
Dec 04, 2022- Los Angeles, CA @ 2280 Arts
Dec 07, 2022- Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Dec 09, 2022- Vancouver, BC @ Red Gate
Dec 10, 2022- Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project

Advance Base vinyl represses out November 18, 2022 Posted 30 Sep 2022

Vinyl represses of the first two Advance Base LPs, A Shut-In's Prayer (2012) & Nephew in the Wild (2015), are now available for pre-order!

The new editions feature extra heavyweight jackets redesigned by Jess Jones & printed by Stoughton Printing Co. The LPs come in both classic black & sparkly metallic color variations (metallic silver for A Shut-In's Prayer, metallic gold for Nephew in the Wild). The 160 gram vinyl LPs are being pressed by Smashed Plastic from brand new lacquers cut by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service.

Both LPs will be availabe for purchase at all of Advance Base's November & December tour dates. Pre-orders will ship no later than November 14.


Oct 06, 2022- Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar (w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight)
Nov 02, 2022- Toronto, ON @ The Garrison (w/ Little Kid)
Nov 03, 2022- Montreal, QC @ La Sotterenea (w/ Sasha Slug)
Nov 06, 2022- New York, NY @ TV Eye (w/ Annie Hart & Raavi)
Nov 29, 2022- Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Nov 30, 2022- Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 01, 2022- Lakewood, OH @ Mahall's (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 02, 2022- Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 03, 2022- Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern (w/ MJ Lenderman)
Dec 04, 2022- Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light (w/ MJ Lenderman)
Dec 06, 2022- Asheville, NC @ DIFFERENT WRLD (w/ MJ Lenderman & Sinai Vessel)
Dec 07, 2022- Durham, NC @ Pinhook (w/ MJ Lenderman & Riggings)
Dec 08, 2022- Charlotte, NC @ Recover Brands (w/ MJ Lenderman & Moon Racer)