Macie Stewart- Mouth Full of Glass album announcement, "Finally" video & single release, & Chicago album release shows Posted 12 Jul 2021

On September 24, Orindal Records will release Mouth Full of Glass, the first solo album by Chicago-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Macie Stewart (pronouns: she/her/they/them). Written and recorded while finding solace and strength in solitude, Mouth Full of Glass features eight lushly arranged songs that search for the meaning of self within and without partnership. The record explores loneliness as well as the growth and beauty that blooms from within it - through creating it, Stewart reassesses her own relationships in order to communicate with a singular voice.

GoldFlakePaint premiered the music video for leadoff track & first single "Finally." GFP's Tom Johnson writes:

"If Stewart’s name rings a bell, it’s because she’s made her name as one half of the Chicago duo Ohmme, who have released two brilliant albums via the Joyful Noise label. Stewart has also spent a number of years as a string arranger, though, and its that lushness, that care of the small surrounding details, that defines her new work and certainly comes to the fore on ‘ Finally‘, where the gently plucked guitar is ordained with colourful, swirling strings... though intricate and intimate, the album still finds plenty of room to bloom."

Watch the music video for "Finally" (directed by cellist Lia Kohl) HERE.

Find "Finally" on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Macie Stewart will perform two Chicago, IL album release shows at The Hideout Inn on September 23 & 24. Tickets are available HERE.

Pre-order Mouth Full of Glass on "glass" clear vinyl, classic black vinyl, cassette or digital formats HERE.

Photo by Ash Dye

Wednesday- "One More Last One" Posted 07 Jul 2021

Our thanks to Post-Trash for premiering "One More Last One," the third single & video from Wednesday's forthcoming album, Twin Plagues, out August 13 on Orindal.

From Post-Trash's Dan Goldin:

"'One More Last One' is a new puzzle piece in Wednesday’s growing sound, one that trades in the direct songwriting of Karly Hartzman in favor of the band’s lap steel player, Xandy Chelmis, who wrote and handles lead vocals. The band use the opportunity to go full shoegaze, fully committed to the genre’s best qualities. The static distortion of the guitars comes ripping out the gate, drifting like thick clouds over the otherwise dreamy atmosphere. It’s thick and claustrophobic but full of beauty, as Chelmis’ words float, suspended in air (and feedback), settling into its own space among the wall of guitar noise."

The music video for "One More Last One" was edited & directed by Wednesday bassist Margo Schultz.

Find "One More Last One" on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Pre-order Twin Plagues vinyl, tapes & downloads HERE.

Catch Wednesday on tour:

July 22, 2021- Asheville, NC @ American Vinyl Co. (w/ Manas)
August 3, 2021- Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway (w/ The Glow & Margaret Sword)
August 4, 2021- Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (w/ Beach Bunny & Earth Dad)
August 28, 2021- Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle (album release show w/ Chaos Control, Secret Shame & Charli Jasper
Sept 1, 2021- Indianapolis, IN @ Healer (w/ Advance Base & Pilots)
Sept 3, 2021- Chicago, IL @ The Hideout (w/ Dan Wriggins & Advance Base)

Dream Logic by Matt Bachmann is out today! Posted 18 Jun 2021

Dream Logic, the new album by Brooklyn-based singer/songwizard Matt Bachmann, is out today!

"A hypnotic blend of teary ambient-pop songs & cinematic instrumentals, its 11 tracks stretch & experiment with genre while holding true to a natural flow."

Find Dream Logic on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Dream Logic vinyl is delayed a month, but you can pre-order your copy & receive an instant digital download HERE.

TJO- Dispatches from the Drift is out July 23! Watch the video for leadoff track "A Sunday 2020" Posted 10 Jun 2021

On July 23, Orindal Records will release Dispatches from the Drift, a new album of solo synthesizer improvisations by TJO (aka Tara Jane O’Neil). Recorded at home in California between April 2020 & February 2021, Dispatches from the Drift plays like a series of private meditations; music made for the pure & joyous purpose of personal exploration. Lovingly mastered by Matt Bachmann, Dispatches from the Drift is a psychedelic sound diary that moves gently & melodically through sixty-three minutes of shifting texture & mood.

Here's TJO's music video for leadoff track "A Sunday 2020."

GoldFlakePaint premiered "A Sunday 2020" & announced Dispatches from the Drift's July 23 release. GFP's Tom Johnson writes:

Shared here today as the album’s introduction, ‘A Sunday 2020’ is one of only two songs that feature guitar – and the only song to include vocals – and it makes for an immediately absorbing foundation for what promises to be one of the summer's most sheltering laments. “It meets certain criteria for inclusion here as the keyboard and wordless vocals were improvised just like the others,” O’Neil says of the album’s first song, which you can hear via its homemade video below. “However on this one I did use my old familiar hammer, the guitar for melodic shape.”

Quietly, delicately enrapturing, Dispatches from the Drift was born from a strange world in a strange time but it's hard not to feel hope in these sounds; an elegant reminder that magic can always be stirred into existence, no matter the circumstances. “These found ambient pieces were not edited to feel narrative, and weren’t made with sharing in mind,” O’Neil says in conclusion. “Use them however you like.”

Read GoldFlakePaint's announcement of Dispatches from the Drift HERE.

Pre-order Dispatches from the Drift tapes & downloads & read TJO's artist statement on the album HERE.

Watch the video for "Cody's Only" by Wednesday Posted 09 Jun 2021

"Cody's Only" is the thrilling second single from Twin Plagues, the forthcoming album by Asheville, NC indie rock band Wednesday (out August 13, 2021). Stereogum shared the music video for "Cody's Only" (directed by lead singer/songwriter Karly Hartzman) along with an interview with Hartzman for the music blog's "Band to Watch" series.

From writer James Rettig:

"On their new single “Cody’s Only” (which you can hear above), Hartzman sings of dreams that “take hours”; she’s had them all, the good and the bad, and they all feel fleeting, unattainable. All she feels is a constant numbness. Hartzman says she wrote the song to try and “put myself back in my body,” to reconnect with what feels tangible. But what she keeps getting stuck on is something that’s already fading: “Your warm breath on the mirror,” she repeats in the song’s pinched hook. She navigates the discontent and disassociation she feels with a gnawing specificity. Wednesday’s songs are youthful, but they already sound old and beaten-down."

"Cody's Only" is now streaming everywhere. Find it on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Twin Plagues is out August 13. Pre-order vinyl LPs, tapes & digital HERE.

2021 tour dates Posted 07 Jun 2021

We have officially relaunched the Orindal tour dates page with ANNIE HART & WEDNESDAY's first in-person concerts of 2021! There are lots more show announcements on the way. Click the link for details & ticket information!

Vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue by Annie Hart out November 19! Posted 02 Jun 2021

On November 19, Orindal Records will release a color vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue, the first collection of ambient instrumental synthesizer music by New York City-based composer & Au Revoir Simone keyboardist Annie Hart.

Originally released on May 7 both digitally and as a limited edition of 150 cassettes, Everything Pale Blue quickly found an audience among patient listeners seeking calm, melody & meditation. Due to popular demand, we are now offering Everything Pale Blue on gorgeous pale blue translucent marble vinyl in a limited run of 300 copies.

In his review for Various Small Flames, Jon Doyle writes of Everything Pale Blue:

"Ostensibly minimalist, the tracks invite the listener in with warm, meditative tones, though the simplicity belies the nuance that emerges once inside. For these are songs at once gentle and playful, capturing the movement, stillness and space of natural systems as well as their shifting, cyclical patterns. Loop, delay and reverb effects interact with one another, each connection building upon the last until Hart’s seemingly modest means have crafted an entire environment from the ground up."

You can pre-order Everything Pale Blue vinyl or purchase one of the last few cassette copies HERE. Records are expected to ship first week of November & all orders include an instant digital download of the album.

time is being by Jill Whit is out today! Posted 28 May 2021

Today is the release date for time is being, a dreamy & meditative electronic pop album by Salt Lake City-based songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist Jill Whit. The album was written during the long days of the pandemic in 2020, when, like many others, Whit found herself spending more time alone than ever before. "The album is really an exploration into the body,” she explains, “It's about knowing yourself through solitude - gaining a connection to your physical body. It relates to opening up to your inner voice, and connecting the body and spirit through physical and emotional movement; to be ever accepting, shifting, breathing, living, being."

You can find time is being on your preferred streaming service HERE.

The tape edition of time is being is accompanied by a 128-page, cassette-sized zine of photos, drawings & lyrics that document Whit's year in quarantine. The tape & zine are packaged together in a butterfly-style double cassette case.

In his review for Undrcurrents, writer David Wilikofsky calls time is being "intimate and beautiful," continuing, "time is being is a project greater than the sum of its parts. It’s really not a set of songs or a zine, it’s an intimate portrait of Jill Whit that also manages to speak to the collective experience we’ve all had. It’s rare that an artist can take something personal and make it feel so universal. Whit has done it here."

Purchase time is being special edition tape+zine or digital download HERE.

All orders include a PDF version of the album's accompanying zine.

Wednesday's new album Twin Plagues is out August 13 Posted 19 May 2021

On August 13, Orindal Records will release Twin Plagues, the new album by Asheville, NC's Wednesday. Find the album's first single, "Handsome Man," on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Or, watch the music video, directed by Zach Romeo:

Pre-order your copy of Twin Plagues & read Hanif Abdurraqib's beautiful essay on Wednesday HERE.

Listen to Matt Bachmann's cover of Michael Hurley's "Wildegeeses" Posted 17 May 2021

Matt Bachmann has shared another song from his excellent forthcoming album, Dream Logic, out June 18 on Orindal Records / We Be Friends Records. "Wildgeeses" is a cover of Matt's favorite song by Michael Hurley, a living legend of outsider folk & Orindal Records hero. Anyone who has seen Matt perform live in recent years has already been charmed by Matt's moody, gently swinging rendition, a staple of his live show.

Beats Per Minute shared "Wildegeeses" this morning. From writer Rob Hakimian:

"(Bachmann’s) love of the song reflects off the icy synths that underlay the track, and the simplistic YouTube-ripped drum loop pushes the glacial song onwards with a gentle caress. Bachmann’s voice is atoned to this chilly atmosphere, his singing barely more than a whisper as he observes “the wind blowin’ from Northwest.” Some atmospheric inflections and subtle harmonies bring breathable depth, but without having to strain or add too many more elements, he pulls us into the mind of this lonely and lovelorn song, to trudge alongside him in the glimmering wilderness. (Bachmann's) love of the song reflects off the icy synths that underlay the track, and the simplistic YouTube-ripped drum loop pushes the glacial song onwards with a gentle caress. Bachmann’s voice is atoned to this chilly atmosphere, his singing barely more than a whisper as he observes “the wind blowin’ from Northwest.” Some atmospheric inflections and subtle harmonies bring breathable depth, but without having to strain or add too many more elements, he pulls us into the mind of this lonely and lovelorn song, to trudge alongside him in the glimmering wilderness."

Pre-order Dream Logic by Matt Bachmann on vinyl & digital formats HERE.