Listen to "Shadows" by Dear Nora 14 Sep 2022

"Shadows," the second single from Dear Nora's forthcoming album, š™š™Ŗš™¢š™–š™£ š™›š™Ŗš™©š™Ŗš™§š™šš™Ø, is out today on all streaming platforms.

Dear Nora's Katy Davidson writes:

"This song is about: the road, the metaphor of the road, the never ending journey, the horizon you never reach, the continuous line. It's about where Iā€™m from ā€“ Arizona, America. It's about the beautiful and the ugly, light and darkness, the ever changing landscape, the forces outside of our control shaping the landscape (maybe like capitalism carving our cultural landscape like wind). But of course it's also about shadows. You can hit the road, try to put shadows behind you. They're still there. But not just on a personal level. Our country's shadows, etc. I tried to end the song with some forgiveness ā€“ the skulls are dancing, the party has gone wild. And then ultimately death
and/or transformation.

In this case, the video made the song. I filmed what I saw while I was on a road trip, and later, I wrote the soundtrack to the video and the experience.

I also included some footage for a never-released video for "White Fur" that my friend Josh Brine captured in 2018. And the double exposure fits with the theme of the palimpsest ā€“ the layers upon layers of time, echoed in geological layers revealed in the carved landscapes of the desert southwest."

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