Digital release date: April 1, 2022
Cassette release date: April 29, 2022

On demos, Tucson, AZ singer, songwriter & sound designer Karima Walker shares early, home-recorded versions of songs from her critically acclaimed 2021 folk/ambient album Waking the Dreaming Body, alongside illuminating sketches and ambient pieces. The demo versions of “Softer,” “Window I” and “Reconstellated” feature alternate lyrics and intimate acoustic arrangements that highlight the power of Walker’s voice and musicianship, while ambient pieces like "thunder interlude" and "earth into air" plumb deeper depths of tension.

Karima Walker's notes on demos:

"I first notice how vulnerable it feels, to hear certain lyrics sticking out, different from the words that finally stuck. But I do like returning to these songs, remembering why words shifted and settled as the songs took shape, and remembering that so many of these did not appear as immediately apparent and whole.

"They’re a lot more like my everyday life, revealing itself in time, while I try to let things register in my body... Then I go back in and push things around and figure out what I’m doing… Others are knit together from other projects, pieces and fragments that inspired the emotional timbre of the record, and in some cases were woven directly into it. Some here did appear complete and whole, but I either forgot about them, lost them or saw them as outliers. Either way, I like how the pieces hang together as a simpler account of the time from which the record finally came, and I hope you do too.”

Track Listing

  1. softer (demo)
  2. window I (demo)
  3. reconstellated (demo)
  4. how it falls apart
  5. thunder interlude
  6. earth into air
  7. something softer tape loop
  8. turning

Pressing Information

150 Professionally dubbed Super Ferric tapes in smoky grey shells imprinted with silver metallic ink. Tapes are packaged in black & white glossy photo J-cards with alternate cover art & clear Norelco boxes. 8 tracks, 22 minutes.

A digital download of demos will be delivered to all pre-order customers on April 1, 2022.