ADVANCE BASE/CONCERN- "Traditionals" Split 7" ORD01

The debut release from Orindal label. Advance Base (Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, with Jody Weinmann, Nick Ammerman & Edward Crouse) & Concern (Gordon Ashworth of Oscillating Innards & Knelt Rote) each cover a song from the Carter Family's first ever recording session. Advance Base fills a tiny bedroom with electric autoharp wash, levitating pianos & male/female harmonies, while Concern takes Appalachia to outerspace with churchly organ hum & disintegrating talk box melodies. Sad & weird.


  1. Single Girl, Married Girl- Advance Base
  2. The Wandering Boy- Concern

Pressing Information

500 copies on marbled vinyl with black innersleeves & double-sided, recycled paper covers. Risograph printing by Issue Press in Grand Rapids, MI.

"Traditionals" vinyl is distributed by The Business in Anacortes, WA.