JILL WHIT- time is being ORD-58

Release date: May 28, 2021

Jill Whit is is a Salt Lake City-based creative artist. Her work as a songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist has allowed her to create a large community which spans across the country. Her creative practice has always been an intimate experience; for Jill, making music is an incredibly personal practice. Her album, time is being, is her first entirely self-recorded project. The album was written during the long days of the pandemic in 2020, when, like many others, she found herself spending more time alone than ever before. "The album is really an exploration into the body,” Jill explains, “It's about knowing yourself through solitude - gaining a connection to your physical body. It relates to opening up to your inner voice, and connecting the body and spirit through physical and emotional movement; to be ever accepting, shifting, breathing, living, being."

time is being’s distinctive style of “bedroom ambient” blends lush but lo-fi synth pads, gentle electronic beats and wisps of atmospheric guitar as the foundation for Jill’s spoken poetry and emotive singing. time is being and its accompanying zine are an intimate and affirming document of a year spent in isolation and an artist finding new confidence in her voice and vision.


  1. Touchless (2:46)
  2. Internet Cowboy (2:09)
  3. Maybe Means No (5:10)
  4. Make It Seem True (3:43)
  5. Waking from a Dream (1:15)
  6. Windows (4:05)
  7. Quarantine (1:28)
  8. Real Silence (2:36)
  9. I Always Get Lucky With You (2:24)
  10. A Whisper Sent High (2:04)
  11. Pressing Information

    200 professionally dubbed Super Ferric tapes in light pink shells imprinted with white ink & a full color j-card, plus a 128 page, cassette-sized zine loaded with full color photos, drawings & lyrics, packaged in a butterfly-style double cassette case. 10 tracks, 28 minutes.

    All orders come with an instant download of the album & a PDF version of the zine.

    time is being is distributed by The Business & Mississippi Records.