Listen to "sinaloan restaurant" by Dear Nora Posted 12 Oct 2022

"sinaloan restaurant" is the third & final advance single from Dear Nora's forthcoming album, human futures, out October 28 on Orindal! Find "sinaloan restaurant" on streaming services HERE.

Katy Davidson from Dear Nora explains:

"I pulled the lyric ideas for this song from a wild array of personal and cultural references, but ultimately it's about family separation, shadow forces, and the pandemic's effect on the civic/commercial landscape. I grew up in the western United States, in a town where a classic "sit-down" Mexican restaurant was the undeniable cultural hub. Because of this, Mexican food has always been my comfort food. I think that most towns and cities in the western US have a place like this, even in “red states.” But the pandemic shifted so much ground, and it was unsettling to witness some of those establishments close. And the horrid politics playing out in the foreground amplified the unease. My friend Dave says this song feels like magical realism. I hadn't thought about it that way when I wrote it, but I agree. The first two lines were said to me by my partner's mother Miriam, who had advanced Alzheimer's disease. “Have you crossed the line to Mexico? My dad died many times years ago.” It was a rare moment where she shared semi-lucid thoughts, so I wrote them down immediately. We were drinking steamy coffee on a winter morning, wrapped in blankets, and looking out at the desert morning. Miriam died during the pandemic.

Re: contributors to the composition/recording:

Greg Campanile wrote that insanely dank beat.

Zach Burba wrote that bass loop when I gave him a Lou Reed prompt.

Nicholas Krgovich played some of those ethereal keyboard moments that we tricked out in pre-mixing.

I recorded all the “oooh” vocals with “Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson in mind, but I had also just had a sip of mezcal and it went down the wrong pipe, so I was really fighting through a burning sensation in my throat while trying to be real suave."

Catch Dear Nora on tour!

Oct 30, 2022- Berwyn, IL @ FitzGerald's (w/ Jill Whit, Moon Racer & Nicholas Krgovich)
Nov 01, 2022- Portland, ME @ SPACE
Nov 02, 2022- Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
Nov 03, 2022- Cambridge, MA @ Lilypad
Nov 04, 2022- Providence, RI @ AS220
Nov 05, 2022- Greenfield, MA @ Ten Forward
Nov 07, 2022- Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right
Nov 09, 2022- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ 2nd Grade)
Dec 04, 2022- Los Angeles, CA @ 2280 Arts
Dec 07, 2022- Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Dec 09, 2022- Vancouver, BC @ Red Gate
Dec 10, 2022- Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project

Advance Base vinyl represses out November 18, 2022 Posted 30 Sep 2022

Vinyl represses of the first two Advance Base LPs, A Shut-In's Prayer (2012) & Nephew in the Wild (2015), are now available for pre-order!

The new editions feature extra heavyweight jackets redesigned by Jess Jones & printed by Stoughton Printing Co. The LPs come in both classic black & sparkly metallic color variations (metallic silver for A Shut-In's Prayer, metallic gold for Nephew in the Wild). The 160 gram vinyl LPs are being pressed by Smashed Plastic from brand new lacquers cut by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service.

Both LPs will be availabe for purchase at all of Advance Base's November & December tour dates. Pre-orders will ship no later than November 14.


Oct 06, 2022- Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar (w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight)
Nov 02, 2022- Toronto, ON @ The Garrison (w/ Little Kid)
Nov 03, 2022- Montreal, QC @ La Sotterenea (w/ Sasha Slug)
Nov 06, 2022- New York, NY @ TV Eye (w/ Annie Hart & Raavi)
Nov 29, 2022- Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Nov 30, 2022- Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 01, 2022- Lakewood, OH @ Mahall's (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 02, 2022- Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street (w/ MJ Lenderman & Spencer Radcliffe)
Dec 03, 2022- Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern (w/ MJ Lenderman)
Dec 04, 2022- Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light (w/ MJ Lenderman)
Dec 06, 2022- Asheville, NC @ DIFFERENT WRLD (w/ MJ Lenderman & Sinai Vessel)
Dec 07, 2022- Durham, NC @ Pinhook (w/ MJ Lenderman & Riggings)
Dec 08, 2022- Charlotte, NC @ Recover Brands (w/ MJ Lenderman & Moon Racer)

Macie Stewart EU/UK Tour Posted 16 Sep 2022

In November & December, Macie Stewart will support Widowspeak's European tour, performing solo arrangements of songs from her debut solo album, Mouth Full of Glass. At the end of the tour, Stewart will play her own headlining show at The Sebright Arms in London, England on December 9. Don't miss Macie Stewart live! Tickets for all dates are on sale now!

Nov 25, 2022- Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 27, 2022- Paris, France @ Petit Bain (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 29, 2022- Utrecht, Netherlands @ Db's (w/ Widowspeak)
Nov 30, 2022- Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 01, 2022- Hamburg, Germany @ Aalhaus (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 02, 2022- Malmo, Sweden @ Plan B (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 03, 2022- Gothenburg, Sweden @ Pustervikt (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 04, 2022- Oslo, Norway @ John Dee (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 05, 2022- Stockholm, Sweden @ Hus 7 (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 06, 2022- Copenhagen, Denmark @ Rust (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 07, 2022- Berlin, Germany @ Badehaus (w/ Widowspeak)
Dec 09, 2022- London, England @ The Sebright Arms

Listen to "Shadows" by Dear Nora Posted 14 Sep 2022

"Shadows," the second single from Dear Nora's forthcoming album, 𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙛𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙨, is out today on all streaming platforms.

Dear Nora's Katy Davidson writes:

"This song is about: the road, the metaphor of the road, the never ending journey, the horizon you never reach, the continuous line. It's about where I’m from – Arizona, America. It's about the beautiful and the ugly, light and darkness, the ever changing landscape, the forces outside of our control shaping the landscape (maybe like capitalism carving our cultural landscape like wind). But of course it's also about shadows. You can hit the road, try to put shadows behind you. They're still there. But not just on a personal level. Our country's shadows, etc. I tried to end the song with some forgiveness – the skulls are dancing, the party has gone wild. And then ultimately death
and/or transformation.

In this case, the video made the song. I filmed what I saw while I was on a road trip, and later, I wrote the soundtrack to the video and the experience.

I also included some footage for a never-released video for "White Fur" that my friend Josh Brine captured in 2018. And the double exposure fits with the theme of the palimpsest – the layers upon layers of time, echoed in geological layers revealed in the carved landscapes of the desert southwest."

Pre-order 𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙛𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙨 vinyl & digital

Catch Dear Nora on tour:

Oct 30, 2022- Chicago, IL @ The Hideout (w/ Jill Whit, Moon Racer & Nicholas Krgovich)
Nov 01, 2022- Portland, ME @ SPACE
Nov 02, 2022- Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
Nov 03, 2022- Cambridge, MA @ Lilypad
Nov 04, 2022- Providence, RI @ AS220
Nov 05, 2022- Greenfield, MA @ Ten Forward
Nov 07, 2022- Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right
Nov 09, 2022- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ 2nd Grade)
Dec 04, 2022- Los Angeles, CA @ 2280 Arts
Dec 07, 2022- Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Dec 09, 2022- Vancouver, BC @ Red Gate
Dec 10, 2022- Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project

Watch the music video for "scrolls of doom", the first single from Dear Nora's forthcoming album, human futures Posted 24 Aug 2022

Photo: Leslie Lechner

human futures, the latest album by Dear Nora and the group's first recorded in a commercial recording studio, will be released by Orindal Records on October 28, 2022. Over the album's twelve tracks & thirty-four minutes, there are new kinds of songs, old kinds of songs, there is still the voice of beauty and sanity that we’ve come to know and love over the years. On songs like leadoff track and first single “scrolls of doom,” Dear Nora founder and guiding force Katy Davidson leans more into the producer’s role than that of singer-songwriter – coaxing bandmates Greg Campanile (drums), Nicholas Krgovich (piano/synth) and Zach Burba (bass/synth/drums) through chord changes, beats, and stylistic blends, while writing vocal melodies on the spot. Everyone brings the most interesting parts out of each other and themselves. Here, Katy’s more like the ‘top-line’ writer, composing the melodies, harmonies and lyrics, almost treating the other elements as if they were found – making this Dear Nora record much more collaborative than past ones and particularly contemporary in its process.

Today, we're thrilled to share human futures' leadoff track "scrolls of doom" and its accompanying music video. Watch it here:

Pre-order human futures on "Skull" opaque natural vinyl, classic black vinyl & digital formats HERE.

Catch Dear Nora on their fall US tour!

Oct 30, 2022- Chicago, IL @ The Hideout (w/ Jill Whit & Moon Racer)
Nov 01, 2022- Portland, ME @ SPACE
Nov 02, 2022- Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
Nov 03, 2022- Cambridge, MA @ Lilypad
Nov 04, 2022- Providence, RI @ AS220
Nov 05, 2022- Greenfield, MA @ Ten Forward
Nov 07, 2022- Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right
Nov 09, 2022- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's (w/ 2nd Grade)
Dec 04, 2022- Los Angeles, CA @ 2280 Arts
Dec 07, 2022- Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Dec 10, 2022- Seattle, WA @ The Vera- Project

Cass McCombs- Heartmind is out now Posted 19 Aug 2022

Heartmind, the 10th album by CASS McCOMBS, is out now!

In his review for Pitchfork, Sam Sodomsky wries "Across a casually sublime album, Cass McCombs is at his most confident and intentional, constantly returning to the imagery of music and the casualties of a life devoted to making and sharing art."

In their "Album of the Month" review, Uncut calls Heartmind "One of the most impressive bodies of work of the century so far."

The Fader writes "Heartmind is as rich & confounding as anything that McCombs has released. In its melodies & structures, it has the same wristwatch-like quality as all of his best work, beautifully simple on the surface despite the intricate complexity underneath.”

Orindal has an exclusive cassette edition of Heartmind (featuring a 7-panel, foldout lyric sheet) & it's available HERE.

New Macie Stewart single & video: "Maya, Please" Posted 18 Jul 2022

Photo credit: Ash Dye

Chicago singer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Macie Stewart (she/they) returns with “Maya, Please,” their first single/video since their debut album, Mouth Full of Glass, released last year via Orindal Records. Following the same sonic path as Mouth Full of Glass’s avante chamber folk, “Maya, Please” is a tender morsel of meditative acoustic balladry, featuring fingerstyle guitar, understated vocals and lushly-arranged strings, all performed by Stewart. The accompanying animated video was drawn and directed by Izzy Vasquez.

From Stewart:
"This song moves in and out of internal and external experience, all revolving around forgiveness. It is a conversation being had inside yourself asking for forgiveness, and ultimately finding the ability to forgive yourself. I wrote the strings at home and recorded them at Fox Hall with Dorian Gehring."

"Maya, Please" is available to stream & purchase from Bandcamp.

Advance Base & Karima Walker Aug/Sept UK Tour Posted 22 Jun 2022

August/September 2022 UK Tour

Aug 28, 2022- Manchester, UK @ Gulliver's
Aug 29, 2022- Glasgow, UK @ The Hug & Pint (w/ Raveloe)
Aug 30, 2002- Wakefield, UK @ Chantry Chapel
Aug 31, 2022- London, UK @ The Lexington (w/ Herbal Tea)
Sept 01, 2022- Brighton, UK @ The Prince Albert
Sept 03, 2022- London, UK @ St John on Bethnal Green / Daylight Music (w/ Robert Stillman)
Sept 04, 2022- Salisbury, UK @ End of the Road Festival (just Karima Walker, no Advance Base)
Sept 05, 2022- Bristol, UK @ Cube Cinema (w/ SH Davidson)
Sept 06, 2022- Oxford, UK @ Port Mahon (moved from The Library) (w/ Katie Malco)

Please note that if you're still holding tickets for Advance Base & Karima Walker's originally scheduled April shows at these venues, they're still valid for the new dates!

Cass McCombs- Heartmind cassette Posted 15 Jun 2022

On August 19, Orindal Records will release the cassette edition of our old friend Cass McCombs' excellent new album, Heartmind.

On Heartmind, Cass McCombs enters the double-digit-album phase of his career, a quantitatively rarified place for any songwriter; rarer still, though, is the fact that he does not yet seem to have settled into a qualitative sound or pattern, of singing the same thought twice (or perhaps even once).

Heartmind cassettes feature a metallic silver imprint & a 7-panel, full color foldout j-card featuring complete album lyrics & credits. Tapes will ship on or before the August 19 release date & can be pre-ordered HERE.

CDs, LPs & digital downloads of Heartmind are available from ANTI- Records.

June 15, 2022- San Diego, CA @ Casbah
June 17, 2022- Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room Highland Park
June 18, 2022- San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
June 19, 2022- Cayucos, CA @ Schooner’s
Sept 07, 2022- Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
Sept 08, 2022- Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag
Sept 09, 2022- Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall
Sept 10, 2022- Indianapolis, IN @ HiFi
Sept 11, 2022- Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Smalls Theatre
Sept 12, 2022- Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
Sept 14, 2022- Boston, MA @ Royale
Sept 15, 2022- Ardmore, PA @ Ardmore Music Hall
Sept 16, 2022- New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Sept 17, 2022- Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
Sept 28, 2022- Madrid, Spain @ Teatro Bellas Artes
Sept 29, 2022- Zaragoza, Spain @ Luis Galve
Sept 30, 2022- Alicante, Spain @ Teatro Arnichas
Oct 01, 2022- Valencia, Spain @ Sala Loco
Oct 04, 2022-Milan, Italy @ Bellezza
Oct 06, 2022- St. Gallen, Switzerland @ Palace St. Gallen
Oct 07, 2022- Schorndorf, Germany @ Manufaktur
Oct 08, 2022- Paris, France @ Café De La Danse
Oct 10, 2022- Bristol, England @ Redgrave Theatre
Oct 12, 2022- Manchester, England @ The Stoller Hall
Oct 13, 2022- London, England @ Alexandra Palace Theatre
Oct 15, 2022- Dublin, Ireland @ Liberty Hall
Oct 16, 2022- Glasgow, Scotland @ Mackintosh Church
Oct 18, 2022- Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique Rotonde
Oct 19, 2022- Cologne, Germany @ Artheater
Oct 20, 2022- Utrecht, Netherlands @ Cloud 9
Oct 22, 2022- Berlin, Germany @ Frannz Club
Oct 23, 2022- Hamburg, Germany @ Nochtspeicher
Oct 25, 2022- Copenhagen, Denmark @ DR Studie 2
Oct 26, 2022- Stockholm, Sweden @ Slaktkyrkan
Oct 28, 2022- Oslo, Norway @ Oslo Parkteatret

Wednesday- Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up​ tapes are back in print! Posted 26 Apr 2022

Back by popular demand!!!! Wednesday's instant-hit covers collection, Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up, is back in print on tape! Featuring amped-up versions of classic songs originally recorded by Gary Stewart, Chris Bell, Roger Miller, Drive-By Truckers, Hotline TNT, Greg Sage, Vic Chesnutt, Medicine & Smashing Pumpkins, the second edition of Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up features yellow-tint shells imprinted with gold ink.

Own the album that Pitchfork liked so much, they reviewed it TWICE!

Sam Sodomsky reviews Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up for Pitchfork

Jayson Greene reviews Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up for Pitchfork

Purchase Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’Em Up on yellow tint tape or digital formats HERE.

demos by Karima Walker is out now! Posted 01 Apr 2022

demos, the new EP by Karima Walker, is out today!

From For the Rabbits' review of demos:
"While the concept of a demo version can sometimes feel like seeing something uncooked, here it feels like watching Karima put the pieces together of a particularly fiendish puzzle as you second-guess where the sketches might end up in the stunning finished product that was Waking The Dreaming Body. Take How It Falls Apart, while it feels loosely familiar you certainly couldn’t tie it to a specific track on the final record. The track was inspired by memories of being a long-distance runner when Karima was in high school, as Karima recalls, she, “would go whole miles spelling this word, e-s-t-c-e-q-u-e…something about the rhythm of this word would just kinda fit with how my body was moving”. This jogging mantra became a way of, “mapping a landscape” and the looping pattern became the base rhythm of the song. From that physical place, Karima seems to almost ground herself, allowing her true thoughts to pour forth, as she questions everything she’s known up until this point, “everything comes from god’s own hand, a little sweeter than I can stand. Knew the story thirty years ago, conversation was a sinking stone, fraying edges of what we know”. There’s something disarmingly intimate about this recording as if we’re being invited to peek behind the curtain, see the whirring cogs, the inflating lungs, the fizzing synapses that make up a perfectly complex thought process, it’s unusual and beautiful all at once, from this most special of talents you’ll quickly learn to expect nothing less."

Purchase demos on digital formats & limited edition cassette HERE.