New Hello Shark video: "Wish We Talked Still" Posted 01 Nov 2016

Thanks to CLRVYNT for debuting Hello Shark's new video, "Wish We Talked Still." The video was directed by Katie Bennett of free cake for every creature & was mostly filmed on Super 8 in Philaldephia, PA. We're happy to finally be able to share it with you!

For more great Hello Shark videos, check out the Violitionist Session Linc recorded in Denton, TX with some of the folks from Florist!

Read GoldFlakePaint's wonderful review of Hello Shark's new CD/LP, Delicate, HERE.

Hello Shark is touring all over the Northeast this month. Check out the tour dates below!

$25 two LP bundles Posted 05 Oct 2016

Orindal is currently restructuring its web store postage calculator to accommodate the US post office's most recent (slightly reduced) international shipping rates for larger orders, but for now, we're offering a 2 LP bundle at a discounted price that more accurately represents the actual price of shipping two vinyl LPs overseas.

Overseas customers can now order the Lisa/Liza & Hello Shark LPs (or any two Orindal LPs) together for the grand total of $52, shipping included ($5 cheaper than adding each LP to your cart separately).

The same $5 discount applies to customers in the US & Canada as well!


Listen to "Century Woods" from Lisa/Liza's debut LP, Deserts of Youth Posted 05 Aug 2016

“Century Woods,” the opening track from Lisa/Liza's upcoming debut album, sounds of another time. That is not to say it’s an anachronism. In fact, singer/songwriter Liza Victoria’s dreamy, psychedelic folk fits in well with 2016’s class of forward-thinking Cosmic Americana troubadours. So maybe it’s more apt to say that “Century Woods” exists outside of time entirely. Victoria opens the song in a drifting, half-existent time signature, her careful, close-mic’d guitar lapping gently like sleepy waves at high tide. Her vocals reverberate powerfully without an ounce of reverb. The song’s dry production—seemingly no overdubs or effects at all—actually makes it sound even more mysterious: the magic is entirely in her performance. Six minutes in, as the song’s jazzy, Karen-Dalton-on-ambien melody begins to settle into your brain, it just kind of ends. The last sentence is left unfinished, the chord progression unresolved. Victoria’s haunting, imagistic dream logic is only beginning to reveal itself. - Sam Sodomsky, Pitchfork

Pre-order Deserts of Youth HERE.