Lisa/Liza- Shelter of a Song out November 20, 2020 30 Sep 2020

And they tell you all your life
'Search for that infinite sound'
When no one else is around
You hear it too
In the shelter of a song

–Lisa/Liza, "From This Shelter"

Lisa/Liza is the songwriting project of Portland, ME singer and guitarist Liza Victoria. Throughout her new album, Shelter of a Song (her third LP for Orindal), Liza affirms the value of music and songwriting in her life, providing her comfort through illness and isolation, and helping her to hold onto cherished memories through the poetry she sings. The album's eight original songs are gentle meditations on joy, pain, human relationships and the natural world that stretch out slowly like long shadows.

This morning, Brooklyn Vegan announced Shelter of a Song & premiered "From This Shelter," the album's first single & thesis statement. Brooklyn Vegan's Andrew Sacher describes the song as "a gorgeous offering of delicate, bare-bones, somber folk music. It's a quiet, minimal song, but hypnotic enough to stop you in your tracks and tune out all the many distractions of everyday life."

Read the full article & listen to "From This Shelter" HERE.

Shelter of a Song will be released on black vinyl, teal marble vinyl, compact disc & digital formats on November 20, 2020. The album art & design is by Dan Black at Landland. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Lisa/Liza & Orindal Records will donate all revenue from Shelter of a Song's digital pre-order sales to two charity organizations: 50% will support Our Family Farms' Farmworker Housing Fund (a non-profit helping to provide immediate and long-term housing for farmworkers & their families devastated by the recent fires in Southern Oregon) & the other 50% will support Therapy for Black Girls (an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls).