Listen to "Red Leaves" by Lisa/Liza 22 Oct 2020

This morning, Post-Trash premiered "Red Leaves," the final advance single from Lisa/Liza's forthcoming album of slow-burning psych folk ballads, Shelter of a Song.

Post-Trash's Dan Goldin writes:

“Red Leaves” is the record’s second single, a slow progression that begins with gentle acoustic guitars, played softly and with nuance. With each note that rings above the rest, the grip tightens, pulling us closer into the sentiment, every intentional accent is felt. With an easy melody to drift right into, Liza Victoria’s warm voice sings between hushed lullaby and whispered croon, with an unwavering strength behind each extended vocal line. It’s designed so you can sink right in, escape the world around us, and give complete focus to her words and composition, building ever so slightly toward a beautiful crescendo. There’s nowhere else we’d rather be.

Post-Trash's track premiere contains a beautiful encapsulation of Shelter of a Song as a whole. Read Goldin's entire piece HERE.

Shelter of a Song will be released on black vinyl, teal marble vinyl, compact disc & digital formats on November 20, 2020. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Lisa/Liza & Orindal Records will donate all revenue from Shelter of a Song's digital pre-order sales to two charity organizations: 50% will support Our Family Farms' Farmworker Housing Fund (a non-profit helping to provide immediate and long-term housing for farmworkers & their families devastated by the recent fires in Southern Oregon) & the other 50% will support Therapy for Black Girls (an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls).