Karima Walker- "Horizon, Harbor Resonance" single & video premiere 12 Jan 2021

Waking the Dreaming Body, the new album by Tucson, AZ sound & video artist Karima Walker, is out February 26, 2021 on Keeled Scales / Orindal Records. This morning, Brooklyn Vegan premiered Karima's music video for "Horizon, Harbor Resonance," an epic 13 minute ambient track & the second single from Waking the Dreaming Body. Karima explains:

"I have performed parts of "Horizon, Harbor Resonance" live for a couple years now, the piece initially developed after my last record. There’s a large cathartic rain that falls a couple times and stands as a kind of threshold for me during live shows. I have been obsessed with waves and tsunamis for the past few years (Harbor Resonance is an effect that happens during a tsunami, where the force of the wave is magnified when it’s contained) and this song was a way of working through that obsession.

The video traces the Rio Grande river valley across the New Mexico Colorado border. Touring in the western US, on these long drives, I would enter a kind of altered state, watching the landscape change over many hours. This particular region stayed with me, and ended up inspiring large parts of the record and "Horizon, Harbor Resonance" especially. I remember passing San Antonio mountain for the first time. It’s the mountain you see toward the end of the video. It’s unattached to any range (a friend recently told me that it is the largest free standing mountain in the continental US), and rises up out of the desert as you leave New Mexico. It’s massive and takes a while to pass, marking the beginning of the San Juan Mountains.

I wanted to share this special way of seeing with people, to stretch and compress time like in a dream, the way mountains will sometimes move like water as you move through a landscape over the course of a day, and how our experience changes when the ‘eye’ is steady or hand held. These ways of seeing change our perception and experience, and so too our participation in a place and our access and connection to it."

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