CONCERN- Living Wage c20 Digitalis ltd220

the 'living wage' EP was recorded over a few mornings following 12 hour graveyard shifts as a taxi driver, in a very weary and warm state of mind while adjusting to a new sleep schedule. each piece was recorded live and manipulated using spring reverb, 1/4" and cassette tape, with a piano as the sound source on the A side, and a lap steel guitar on the B side. it is intended as a window into my own tattered and crude processes of of tape manipulation, as well as the feeling of soon-to-sleep in full summer light, and a bridge between more fleshed-out and composed full-length albums.


  1. Day Sleep (I & II)
  2. Leases

Pressing Information

edition of 125. chrome tapes. released by Digitalis. http://www.digitalisindustries.com