Volume four in a series from a Japanese label called Aotoao that only releases 3" CDs. 21 artists from around the world make weird pop music with Casios. As with the rest of the series, the cover art is by Owen Ashworth.


  1. CT-301, SA-35 by Noun
  2. CT-1000P by Alejandra & Aeron
  3. CZ-101 by Dragging An Ox Through Water
  4. CT-701 by Jim Schoenecker
  5. PT-80, SK-1, SA-1, SA-40, RAP-1, ML-1 by OPQ
  6. EG-5, MT-65, VA-10, RAP-10 by Fumu Fumu
  7. SA-5 by SJQ
  8. MT-105 by The Medium Necks
  9. CT-202 by Colorist
  10. RZ-1 by I Am Robot And Proud
  11. MT-35 by Dan Sasaki
  12. SA-1 by Sheeprint
  13. SK-1 by Plasma TV
  14. SA-75 by Gofish
  15. DH-100 by Dot Tape Dot
  16. DG-10 by Inukai II
  17. Concertmate-380, CZ-101 by Sun Foot
  18. MT-46 by Antii Tolvi
  19. SK-5 by Advance Base
  20. SK-1 by Teasi
  21. SO-1 by Shibata & Asuna

Pressing Information

Please note that 3" CDs will only play in top-loading or tray-loading CD players. Slot-loading CD players (like the one in your car) will not know what to do with this thing.