Legends of the Silver Screen- Original Drawings, Vol I

Hi, it's me, Owen Ashworth. These are the original drawings from my zine Legends of the Silver Screen. I did not think I would be selling these drawings when I drew them, but some people asked about buying them, so here I am, selling them. They're $40 each. The drawings were made with a black felt tip pen on half sheets of white printer paper that I awkwardly cut with scissors (so, approximately 8.5 x 5.5 inches or so). Some of the drawings have captions from different pieces of paper stuck to them with glue. (I've indicated in the price menu which individual drawings have glued captions.) In some of the photos, you can see another drawing showing through from another piece of paper, but let me assure you that there is nothing drawn on the back of any of these drawings (except for the Ingmar Bergman one). Otherwise, the drawings are exactly what they look like in the pictures, wrinkles & all.

All of the drawings are unsigned, but I'd be happy to sign them if you ask me to.

Viva la cinema.

Pressing Information

Drawings will be packaged in a folded sheet of clean white paper, & then sandwiched between two pieces of stiff cardboard, & then mailed in padded envelopes. If you order multiple drawings at the same time, I'll ship them together.