Announcing Abyss Versions by Boduf Songs 04 Sep 2019

“Unsettling and gorgeous...” - All Music Guide
"Boduf Songs makes some of the duskiest, autumnal and beautiful loner psychedelia." - Stereogum
“Boduf Songs has always been a space for contemplation.” - Pitchfork

Boduf Songs’ seventh album and first on Orindal Records marks the Ohio-via-Southampton home recording project’s most detailed production yet, voyaging into deeper recesses than ever before. Abyss Versions will see the light of day on October 4, 2019.

Mat Sweet, the solitary figure behind Boduf Songs, has spent the better part of fifteen years cultivating an idiosyncratic strain of quiet menace, augmenting library-hushed vocals and brooding guitars with psychedelic flourishes from processed loops, field recordings, and distant, subliminal atmospheres.

Subtly acknowledging Boduf Songs’ beginnings, Abyss Versions echoes motifs from the first Boduf Songs album (2005’s Boduf Songs on Kranky Records), forming its own secret, circular path, encapsulating the journey from there to here. Sweet’s background in doom metal still seeps into the quiet, pensive world of Boduf Songs via mood and tone, balanced by shades of the fingerpicking mysticism of his first four albums. As always, the music of Boduf Songs is steeped in a palpable sense of darkness and dread, offset by a gorgeous and discreet sonic beauty. There is much prettiness here, albeit within an inescapably unsettling frame.

Abyss Versions will be released on vinyl & digital formats on October 4. The vinyl edition is available in three color variations: Abyss black (200 copies), Nothingness clear transparent (200 copies), & Blueberry Ice Cream Sundae purple transparent (100 copies). Pre-order your copy HERE.

"Gimme Vortex," the lead-off track from Abyss Versions, is now streaming on all digital platforms.