Listen to "No Forcefield" from Claire Cronin's forthcoming album, Bloodless 05 Oct 2021

Claire Cronin has shared the second offering from her upcoming album Bloodless,

out November 12 on Orindal Records. “No Forcefield,” according to

Cronin, is “about feeling lost and trying to read my fate in omens and

dreams. It’s about a relationship where both people are depressed. It’s

about being afraid of things that might not be real.”

The song hums on at a haunting pace, Cronin’s rich imagery radiating ominous: No forcefield / No headlights / I am fading in the dark / like a picture of the night / that’s pressed too far / past the outlines / It’s a mystery I brought / from another person’s life. In the recording process, Cronin’s vocal take was intentionally slowed over gently bursting synths — courtesy of guest players Ezra Buchla and Owen Ashworth ( Advance Base) — and the result rings like a summoning.

Find "No Forcefield" on your preferred streaming service HERE.

Pre-order Bloodless on "smoke" colored vinyl, classic black vinyl & digital formats HERE.