Vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue by Annie Hart out November 19! 02 Jun 2021

On November 19, Orindal Records will release a color vinyl edition of Everything Pale Blue, the first collection of ambient instrumental synthesizer music by New York City-based composer & Au Revoir Simone keyboardist Annie Hart.

Originally released on May 7 both digitally and as a limited edition of 150 cassettes, Everything Pale Blue quickly found an audience among patient listeners seeking calm, melody & meditation. Due to popular demand, we are now offering Everything Pale Blue on gorgeous pale blue translucent marble vinyl in a limited run of 300 copies.

In his review for Various Small Flames, Jon Doyle writes of Everything Pale Blue:

"Ostensibly minimalist, the tracks invite the listener in with warm, meditative tones, though the simplicity belies the nuance that emerges once inside. For these are songs at once gentle and playful, capturing the movement, stillness and space of natural systems as well as their shifting, cyclical patterns. Loop, delay and reverb effects interact with one another, each connection building upon the last until Hart’s seemingly modest means have crafted an entire environment from the ground up."

You can pre-order Everything Pale Blue vinyl or purchase one of the last few cassette copies HERE. Records are expected to ship first week of November & all orders include an instant digital download of the album.