Watch the video for "Cody's Only" by Wednesday 09 Jun 2021

"Cody's Only" is the thrilling second single from Twin Plagues, the forthcoming album by Asheville, NC indie rock band Wednesday (out August 13, 2021). Stereogum shared the music video for "Cody's Only" (directed by lead singer/songwriter Karly Hartzman) along with an interview with Hartzman for the music blog's "Band to Watch" series.

From writer James Rettig:

"On their new single “Cody’s Only” (which you can hear above), Hartzman sings of dreams that “take hours”; she’s had them all, the good and the bad, and they all feel fleeting, unattainable. All she feels is a constant numbness. Hartzman says she wrote the song to try and “put myself back in my body,” to reconnect with what feels tangible. But what she keeps getting stuck on is something that’s already fading: “Your warm breath on the mirror,” she repeats in the song’s pinched hook. She navigates the discontent and disassociation she feels with a gnawing specificity. Wednesday’s songs are youthful, but they already sound old and beaten-down."

"Cody's Only" is now streaming everywhere. Find it on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Twin Plagues is out August 13. Pre-order vinyl LPs, tapes & digital HERE.