Robert Stillman- What Does It Mean to Be American? & Portals (2022 Remaster) out today! 21 Jan 2022

Today is the release date for TWO albums by US-born, UK-based multi-instrumentalist & composer Robert Stillman: What Does it Mean to Be American?, a brand new collection of jazz-influenced piano, saxophone, clarinet & drum meditations themed around Stillman's exploration of national identity, & Portals (2022 Remaster) an expanded & remastered vinyl edition of Stillman’s 2017 cassette of New Age-styled electric piano improvisations. Both albums were co-released with Kit Records (UK). Folks in the UK & Europe can avoid transatlantic shipping fees by ordering the new albums HERE.

Special-priced vinyl & cassette bundles can be purchased HERE.

Stream What Does It Mean to Be American?

Stream/purchase Portals (2022 Remaster)

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"Robert Stillman is a multi-faceted genius. A virtuoso of DIY, one-player improvisation. A master of color, restraint, and powerful world-building." - Undrcurrents

"Recording by himself, Stillman layers saxophone, clarinet, drums, and piano. While the one-man-band approach can so often result in antiseptic, too carefully controlled sounds, Stillman’s work here remains loose, imaginative, and even conversational. Stillman is having a dialogue with himself. It’s a lively one, and you are invited to listen in." - Aquarium Drunkard

Watch Robert Stillman's self-directed music video for "It's All Is" from What Does it Mean to Be American?