𝘿𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙨 by Nicholas Krgovich is out now! 10 Mar 2023

Ducks, an intimate album of solo 4-track recordings by Vancouver, BC singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Krgovich, is out today! Find it on your favorite streaming service here HERE & purchase a vinyl LP & download HERE.

"Nicholas Krgovich’s new album, Ducks, explores the rich experience of solitude, and the many quiet revelations that are available in even the most mundane moments. Each of the album’s eleven songs presents a closely-observed vignette of simply being alive and sentient in such moments: Krgovich describes himself mailing a letter, waking up on a hot day, combing the beach for shells, mowing the lawn, and noticing his own thoughts and feelings about these activities along the way. The album’s vibe of radical presence is emphasized both lyrically and in its production. Each song has a kind of meditative quality, a pulse that guides the ear down a straight path, moving while somehow also staying rooted in place. Airy guitar noodling drifts above simple percussion, often consisting of just a couple of sounds. An egg shaker comes in and out with great precision. The surprising chord progressions that characterize much of Krgovich’s previous music are here as well, and this combination—unexpected harmonic changes on top of the other elements’ regularity—feels like a wordless evocation of the lyrics’ theme: that there are revelations to be found even within the regular and daily. We can always be surprised by ourselves and/in the world." - Marianna Ritchey

"Perhaps that’s the joy of Nicholas Krgovich’s music, he takes the view out your window and shines new light upon it, he highlights the beauty and the sadness, the tough past and the bright future we have to believe is coming around every corner." - For the Rabbits

April 14, 2023- Seattle, WA @ Vera Project (w/ Advance Base & Lori Goldston)
April 15, 2023- Portland, OR @ Turn! Turn! Turn! (w/ Advance Base & Hot Gum)
April 16, 2023- Arcata, CA @ Outer Space (w/ Advance Base)
April 17, 2023- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill (w/ Advance Base & The Reds, Pinks & Purples)
May 03, 2023- Joshua Tree, CA @ The Firehouse (w/ Frankie Cosmos & Dear Nora)