Listen to "Held Together" from Lisa/Liza's new album, 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 15 Mar 2023

Photo by Alexa Clavette

"An instant salve" - Post-Trash

"Spectral and immersive" - Stereogum

"With just her spectral guitar lines and keening vocals, Liza manages to paint an intricate portrait of struggle, loss and the strength to keep on going... Beautiful, tender and restorative." - For the Rabbits

"Under the moniker Lisa/Liza, Portland, Maine songwriter Liza Victoria makes what we have previously described as 'deliberate, unhurried songs made in the image of nature’s patient rhythms […] that examine how surrounding landscapes are tied to our most intimate emotions and memories.' In April, Victoria returns with Breaking and Mending, her first full-length since 2020’s excellent Shelter of a Song, again on Orindal Records. Written while working through chronic illness and the heavy legacy of past trauma, the record captures what Victoria describes as her 'emotional landscape in the last two years,' and lead single ‘Held Together’ introduces these themes with tender beauty. Constructed of picked guitar and softly crooning vocals, its a song about weathering changing seasons of an internal nature, about holding on for metaphorical buds of spring." - Various Small Flames

On April 28, Orindal Records will release Breaking and Mending, the latest tender treasury of stripped-down psych folk from Portland, Maine’s Lisa/Liza. Breaking and Mending’s lead single, “Held Together”, premiered on Post-Trash & is now streaming everywhere.

Post- Trash's Dan Goldin writes:

“The record’s lead single is “Held Together,” a song that reads like a personal recollection, a letter to self, a gentle reminder to stay afloat even as things are tough. There’s a whole world out there, changing seasons, growth and bloom, and feelings that will eventually come and go. The soft acoustic guitar is played with undeniable emotion, with strums alternating between gentle touches and more immediate finger picking. It’s beautiful in the way that all Lisa/Liza songs are. We all struggle, but we’re not alone. Victoria’s voice is your favorite blanket, her words a dissociation from troubles, deciding instead to focus on the beauty of her surroundings, to put her mind at ease. It’s a welcome respite.”

Read the full preview HERE.

Breaking and Mending is available on Irish Setter color vinyl, black vinyl & digital formats. Vinyl orders ship in early April. Pre-order your copy HERE.

April 11, 2023- Chatanooga, TN @ The Woodshop (w/ Joe Chang)
April 12, 2023- Atlanta, GA @ 529 (w/ Joe Chang, Annie Leeth & Perdy Slow)
April 13, 2023- Athens, GA @ Buvez (w/ Joe Chang)
April 14, 2023- Greenville, SC @ Inchoate Art Gallery (w/ Joe Chang, Shane Parish + John Kiran Fernandes Duo & Annie Leeth)
April 15, 2023- Columbia, SC @ The Addition (w/ Joe Chang & Marshall Brown)
April 16, 2023- Asheville, NC @ Static Age (w/ Joe Chang, Natalie Jane Hill & Sinai Vessel)