Listen to "In the Spirit of Fair Play" by Duffy x Uhlmann 06 Sep 2023

“In the Spirit of Fair Play,” the second & final advance single from Duffy x Uhlmann's debut album Doubles, is now streaming everywhere.

Post- Trash premiered the single with a hypnotic animated visualizer by Christina Huang. Post-Trash's Jack Solomon writes:

“In the Spirit of Fair Play” is characteristically sparse, but it’s one of the album’s quickest moments, both in tempo and length. The two musicians lock into each other with country-ish chicken-picked arpeggios, establishing a rolling groove. The piece doesn’t have (or need) much in the way of sections, as the guitarists take one idea and let it develop. The music peters out about as naturally as it rises, and even with such a brief run time, it says all it needs to say.

Speaking about the song, the duo shared:

“Conceived initially as a 15 minute long acoustic improvisation in a cold garage in Northern California and manipulated down into a dancey after thought, the closer track from 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙨 is into a testament to processing. ‘In the Spirit of Fair Play’ speaks to seeing things from all sides, and challenges our biases about what something can become, the ever unavoidable unknown.”

Doubles vinyl & tapes are currently in stock & ready to ship, so pre-order your copy now to receive it before the September 22 release date!

Or, if you'll be in Los Angeles this Sunday (September 10th), you can also purchase your copy of Doubles direct from Duffy x Uhlmann when they make their live debut at 2220 Arts + Archives! Orindal Records labelmates Dear Nora & Ruth Garbus will round out this amazing bill. Get your tickets HERE.