Listen to Little Kid's new single "Somewhere in Between" ahead of their February 23 album release 13 Feb 2024

(Photo by Pat McKenna)

Toronto, ON indie rock band Little Kid have released "Somewhere in Between," the third & final advance single from their forthcoming album A Million Easy Payments (out February 23 on Orindal in the US & Gold Day in the UK). A fan favorite from the band's recent live sets, “Somewhere in Between” is as driving & catchy as any song you could hope to discover on alternative radio, showcasing the sunnier side of Little Kid. The single features sterling performances by Little Kid’s core band members Brodie Germain (drums & percussion), Paul Vroom (bass & percussion) and lyricist Kenny Boothby (vocals, guitar, piano & Casio SK-1).

From Little Kid's Kenny Boothby:

“Somewhere In Between” was the last song I wrote for A Million Easy Payments, and one of the
last ones we recorded. We had been struggling to make a coherent tracklist from the songs we had finished, and “Somewhere” kind of cracked it open for us. I think we needed a song with a bit more energy to lift the second side a bit.

The lyrics for this one came together quickly once I stumbled on the “somewhere in between” line to end the choruses. A lot of the songs on the album deal in extremes: “What Qualifies as Silence,” “Nothing at All,” “Bad Energy.” It felt important to have a song about the space between those types of binaries. The lyrics depict a person leaving an unsatisfying relationship. It’s not autobiographical, but I pulled a lot of images from my life and from my own (very satisfying) relationship with my partner.

The demo was about a minute longer, with two more choruses at the end, but my friend Keira correctly suggested cutting it down a little and leaning into the “radio-friendliness.” By Little Kid standards, this is a very short and snappy pop song. But when it came time to lay out the lyrics for the album insert, I realized it still has quite a lot of words because every chorus is different. I wrote this one pretty soon after “Bad Energy,” and I was clearly still on my work-in-as-many-internal-rhymes-as-possible kick. The rhythm of the melody really lent itself to that approach, and it’s a very satisfying song to sing.

This is the only song on the album that I did with only Brodie and Paul, who have made up the core of the Little Kid lineup for the better part of the last decade. We had a lot of fun recording it, and I think that comes through. We’ve played it at every show since we recorded it, and it’s always the one people ask about afterward. I am excited to finally share it ahead of the album release next Friday.

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