A Million Easy Payments by Little Kid is out now! 22 Feb 2024

A Million Easy Payments, the new album by Little Kid, is out now! Find it on your preferred streaming services HERE.

From Rosy Overdrive's review of the album:

"Little Kid are a Toronto folk band led by singer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Boothby and also featuring drummer/guitarist Brodie Germain, bassist Paul Vroom, and drummer Liam Cole. A Million Easy Payments is the group’s debut for Orindal Records, and Boothby’s delicate but weighty writing is such a natural fit for the label that I was surprised to learn that they’d been releasing music independently since the early 2010s and weren’t just scooped up by the home of Dan Wriggins and Owen Ashworth and Ruth Garbus the minute they formed. Then again, A Million Easy Payments does feel like the work of a band that’s been at it for a while, both in its glove-like renditions of Boothby’s writing and in its impressively-amassed list of guest contributors (Aaron Powell of Fog Lake on vocals, Seth Engel of Options on percussion, Peter Gill of 2nd Grade on pedal steel, Eliza Niemi’s cello). The record’s eight songs range from swirling, multi-layered orchestral folk rock to breezy alt-country to quiet near-slowcore, with contributor Megan Dunn’s banjo, Niemi’s cello, and Boothby’s voice holding it together at the seams."

Watch the video for album track "Somewhere in Between," directed & animated by Aly Levy:

Some words from Little Kid's Kenny Boothby:

A Million Easy Payments is Little Kid’s seventh album, and it’s the one that took us the longest to finish. Our previous three albums were each written and recorded over the span of about a year, and when we started recording this one in 2019, we had plans to keep up that pace.

Of course, the pandemic came along a few months later and led to a lot of changes in our lives: financially, geographically, philosophically… Out of necessity, the album ended up being recorded and written in short bursts, often several months apart, for the next three-and-a-half years. The resulting album is one of our most eclectic, with songs that take influence from more far-reaching sources, recorded in varying styles, circumstances, and fidelities.

Yet, the album feels unified. The title A Million Easy Payments isn’t directly related to any particular song but it feels connected to all of them. The repetition in a lot of these song structures might resemble the mundanity and helplessness of seemingly infinite, regular payments. There’s a certain exhausted despair, mixed with a bit of humour. Some of these songs get more personal than ever, while some of them contain the most ridiculous jokes I’ve managed to work into my writing. The best ones have a bit of both.

Maybe it’s because it took so long to finish, or maybe it’s because it’s our best work yet, but I feel especially excited to finally share this album with you now. Thank you for listening.

Order your copy of A Million Easy Payments on vinyl, cassette or digital formats HERE.

Little Kid will play two A Million Easy Payments album release shows in March. Tickets are moving fast, so get yours now!
March 22, 2024- Toronto, ON @ Tranzac (w/ Advance Base & Eliza Niemi)
March 23, 2024- Montréal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo (w/ Advance Base & Laughing)