JULIE BYRNE- Faster or Greener than Now 7" ORD-04

Release date: December 4, 2012

Orindal Records is proud to present the first vinyl release by Chicago singer/songwriter/guitarist Julie Byrne.

The first time we heard Julie’s debut cassette, You Would Love It Here, It's The Perfect Place For You (Solid Melts), we immediately fell in love with her gentle, understated folk songs. Accompanying herself on a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, Julie sings about memory, hope, and coping with loss. There is restraint and measure in her singing and playing, and both ache with the same fragile beauty.

The two songs on this brief EP tell a complete story; "Holiday" recalls a New Year's Eve in New York City, future plans made, and the fall-out of a fleeting romance, while the b-side, "Marmalade," carries a dimming torch into the future, through changing seasons, bringing peace and closure to uneasy memories.

Faster or Greener than Now was recorded live to tape on an April afternoon by Owen Ashworth (Advance Base). Vintage echo and spring reverb effects were added to color Julie's performances, lending a haunted atmosphere to these raw and intimate recordings.

The title of this record was taken from a Frank O'Hara poem.


  1. Holiday (7" version)
  2. Marmalade (7" version)

Pressing Information

Limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl w/ 320 kbps MP3 download & lyric sheet

Risograph covers printed on recycled paper by Issue Press in Grand Rapids, MI

Orindal Records is distributed exclusively by The Business in Anacortes, WA.