JULIE BYRNE- Rooms With Walls and Windows ORD-10

Release date: January 21, 2014

Rooms With Walls and Windows is the first album by Seattle-by-way-of-Chicago-by-way-of-Buffalo singer, songwriter & guitarist Julie Byrne. Blending psychedelic & traditional folk elements, Julie Byrne creates a highly personal & quietly mystical world that echoes the early work of Leonard Cohen & Vashti Bunyan.

Rooms With Walls and Windows' twelve tracks were collected from two limited edition cassette releases, recorded between 2011 & 2012 by Jake Acosta in Chicago, IL. Each song was recorded live, with Julie accompanying herself on fingerpicked acoustic guitar or keyboard. Rooms With Walls & Windows was lovingly remastered for vinyl by Owen Ashworth & Matthew Barnhart.

"The songs of Julie Byrne are hushed and mysterious. Close-miked within the natural reverb of windowless rooms, utilising fingerpicked nylon-stringed guitar and Byrne's rich sequestered voice, they unfold from bare folk simplicity to abstracted tales of home life and longing that conjure up a simultaneous feeling of warm cabin intimacy and a deep interior sadness." - MOJO Magazine


  1. Wisdom Teeth Song
  2. Young Wife
  3. Attached to Us Like Butcher Wrap
  4. Holiday
  5. Butter Lamb
  6. Piano Music
  7. Prism Song
  8. Marmalade
  9. Vertical Ray
  10. Emeralds
  11. Keep on Raging
  12. Piano Music for Lucy
  13. Holiday (Version)*
  14. Marmalade (Version)*

* Tracks 13 & 14 are alternate versions, taken from Julie Byrne's debut EP, Faster or Greener Than Now. These versions are CD bonus tracks, not available on the vinyl or digital versions of Rooms With Walls and Windows.

Pressing Information

First vinyl pressing:
300 copies on 140 gram translucent teal vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)

Second vinyl pressing:
200 copies on 140 gram translucent red vinyl + 50 copies of clear/orange/red splatter vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)

Third vinyl pressing:
500 copies on 140 gram black vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)

Fourth vinyl pressing:
400 copies on 140 gram randomly selected color vinyl
200 copies on 140 gram black vinyl
4th pressing features a new, full color label design, poly-lined inner sleeves & heavyweight gloss jackets with a full color photo cover

Fifth vinyl pressing (shipping July 1, 2019):
500 copies on 140 gram black vinyl
Full color labels, rice paper inner sleeves & heavyweight gloss jackets with a full color photo cover

Every purchase includes an instant FLAC or MP3 download of the entire album

The CD edition is limited to 300 copies, packaged in full color wallet-style gatefold sleeves with lyrics & two bonus tracks.

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