Jill Whit- time is being album announcement & Touchless / Maybe Means No video premiere 21 Apr 2021

On May 28, Orindal Records will release time is being, a new album by Salt Lake City-based songwriter, musician, tattooer, and fine artist Jill Whit. time is being was entirely self-recorded during the long days of the pandemic in 2020, when, like many others, Jill found herself spending more time alone than ever before. "The album is really an exploration into the body,” Jill explains, “It's about knowing yourself through solitude - gaining a connection to your physical body. It relates to opening up to your inner voice, and connecting the body and spirit through physical and emotional movement; to be ever accepting, shifting, breathing, living, being."

time is being’s distinctive style of “bedroom ambient” blends lush but lo-fi synth pads, gentle electronic beats and wisps of atmospheric guitar as the foundation for Jill’s spoken poetry and emotive singing. time is being and its accompanying zine are an intimate and affirming document of a year spent in isolation and an artist finding new confidence in her voice and vision.

Various Small Flames premiered a music video for time is being's first two singles, "Touchless" & "Maybe Means No," directed by Shey Allen. VSF's Jon Doyle writes:

Through a solo dance performance from Rachel Andes, the video taps into this tactile sensibility and captures the contradictions running through the songs. Starting within the porcelain white confines of a bathroom, and concluding in a desert’s expanse of red rock. Surroundings that mimic the evolving soundscape, where intimacy and loneliness lose their firm divide, and physicality can triumph over empty space.

Pre-order time is being as a limited edition cassette + zine package or on digital formats HERE.