demos by Karima Walker is out now! 01 Apr 2022

demos, the new EP by Karima Walker, is out today!

From For the Rabbits' review of demos:
"While the concept of a demo version can sometimes feel like seeing something uncooked, here it feels like watching Karima put the pieces together of a particularly fiendish puzzle as you second-guess where the sketches might end up in the stunning finished product that was Waking The Dreaming Body. Take How It Falls Apart, while it feels loosely familiar you certainly couldn’t tie it to a specific track on the final record. The track was inspired by memories of being a long-distance runner when Karima was in high school, as Karima recalls, she, “would go whole miles spelling this word, e-s-t-c-e-q-u-e…something about the rhythm of this word would just kinda fit with how my body was moving”. This jogging mantra became a way of, “mapping a landscape” and the looping pattern became the base rhythm of the song. From that physical place, Karima seems to almost ground herself, allowing her true thoughts to pour forth, as she questions everything she’s known up until this point, “everything comes from god’s own hand, a little sweeter than I can stand. Knew the story thirty years ago, conversation was a sinking stone, fraying edges of what we know”. There’s something disarmingly intimate about this recording as if we’re being invited to peek behind the curtain, see the whirring cogs, the inflating lungs, the fizzing synapses that make up a perfectly complex thought process, it’s unusual and beautiful all at once, from this most special of talents you’ll quickly learn to expect nothing less."

Purchase demos on digital formats & limited edition cassette HERE.